Project Requirements

Lighting was required in multiple types of office spaces across three floors and had to be carefully designed to achieve the optimum lux level. Not to mention that there were limited locations where the luminaires could be installed due to several steel beams in place. However, Mount Lighting never back down from a challenge and we supplied three styles of M-Line lighting complete with eBlue Bluetooth Smart lighting technology to give the company and employees complete control.


One of our client’s core values was the wellbeing of their employees, something we also value at Mount Lighting. It’s no secret that the right lighting has the potential to change and create atmospheres in a working environment. For that reason, we provided luminaires that would create illumination appropriate for their environment—whether that was bright light to stimulate collaboration or soft, even light for workplaces with screens. For every department, we took specific needs into account and supplied the solution that worked.

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bespoke hexagon shaped m-line
bespoke halo lighting for meeting room

Project Conclusion

This project was a great success and it was very satisfying seeing the transformation the refurbishment made to the space and to the people that work there. For this project, we used our M-Line LED Linear and also created a bespoke M-Line hexagon shape as well as the Halo luminaire. The feature pendants were integrated with eBlue so that colour temperature, scene-setting and dimming could be controlled. This worked towards improving the wellbeing and productivity of employees ensuring the overall requirements of the project were met.


The final result was a balanced workplace that was functional and aesthetically pleasing for the entire workforce. This project even made it into MIX Interior magazine as their feature case study! To read the full article, click here

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