How to get your lighting project moving during lockdown

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Mount Lighting is open for business as usual and the team are still here to keep pushing your lighting projects forward. Even during these trying times, our commitment to illuminating the way is as bright as ever.


At this time, the Mount Lighting team can be contacted by video chat or telephone to provide our services to keep your project moving.


lighting for offices

Quay Street, Manchester – Surfaced linear lighting installation


Project lighting design service

Our full lighting design service is ideal for many refurbishments and new build projects. These projects can include commercial office spaces (CAT A & B), healthcare premises, educational establishments, leisure facilities, warehouses and much more.

At this time, many buildings will be unoccupied but we believe this is even more reason to keep driving your project forward so you are prepared for when normal processes start to resume.


Every single one of our experienced lighting designers has a passion for bringing our clients’ projects to life and they understand the effects lighting can have on a space and the best way to enhance it using light.

While the team is working remotely, we still have the resources we need to start planning your lighting design. More than ever, we want the process to be easy and seamless for you.


All you have to do is send us your design brief and drawings and we will produce full lighting calculations, schedules and drawings as required. We can arrange further communications with you over the phone or video call and discuss every specification in detail to ensure we meet your exact standards.

We can also explain the various styles and the functions of different lights that we offer, so we can select the perfect lighting to suit your vision.




boardroom lighting

Quay Street, Manchester – Bespoke lighting design formation


Lighting conversion service

Our lighting conversion service allows our clients to offer a wider range of lighting control options. As standard, we offer a huge range of our LED lighting with emergency or dimming capabilities that can revitalise the appearance of any environment while also providing great financial and energy-conscious results.


This service is also great for existing luminaires on site that require adapting. Our range of emergency lighting kits make the switch simple and easy and can fully replace existing gear trays in outdated fluorescent lighting. For retrofit solutions (depending on volume) we can manufacture bespoke gear trays for reinstatement in existing luminaires.


We can do conversions of many standard LED and fluorescent luminaires to emergency lights using the following options:


  • DALI
  • Self-test
  • Maintained
  • Sustained
  • Central battery backup
  • 110V conversions of site luminaires


Energy Saving Switching Controls can be incorporated into many of our products to include the following options:

  • Switching microwave presence detection
  • Microwave presence detection with dim-down function


We can do conversions of many standards LED and fluorescent luminaires to dimmable using the following options:

  • DALI & DSI
  • Analogue dimming (1-10V)
  • Switch Dim/Touch Dim


There are plenty of concerns and challenges in the world right now, but if your project or work environment requires an update to the lighting then there’s no reason to delay.

Our process is just as simple as the kits we supply. All you have to do is email us with the product specifications and requirements of the work and we will be straight back with a solution if it is workable.




interior lighting

Grosvenor Street & Grosvenor Hill, London – Suspended linear lighting 


Get in contact today to keep your projects moving

Don’t let the current climate hold back your projects. Now is the time to look ahead and get all the essential preparations made so there are no delays when the project is at full speed once more.


To talk to our team and get your project moving, send an enquiry or your brief to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can call us on 01582 369005 or talk to us using the live chat on the Mount Lighting website. We’ll get back in touch and support you and whatever you need.