suspended m-line linear lighting installed
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m-line uses the LATEST

The smart LED lighting system is an undoubtedly contemporary solution that gives complete control to those that can access it. By using the latest Bluetooth Smart wireless control unit, owners can take control via smartphones or tablets. From warmth levels to colour options, taking control of the impact of lighting has never been so simple.

why use m-line?

With so many M-Line options to choose from, designs can be brought to life without compromise. The different mounting applications can be fitted with the finish you want in mind. From isolating individual modules such as desks or centrepieces to creating continuous lines of light or casting illumination through a whole area. The limits of our M-Line linear lighting are only as broad as your imagination.

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Green m-line linear lighting installed in ceiling
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M-Line LED Linear lighting installed in ceiling - square formation.

Custom shape formations

By using a sleek aluminium profile as a central part of the M-Line’s design, Mount Lighting can adapt the luminaire into many bespoke lighting designs. Bespoke lighting design makes your project totally unique and for those special projects where conceptual design is the cutting edge of your vision, only a bespoke design will do. 


M-Line bespoke options include bold shapes such as rectangles, squares, L-shapes and T- sections. All sections of the luminaires, including the corners, are fully lit to make the lighting ceaseless.