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Emergency Lighting


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Emergency exit lighting is positioned strategically to clearly indicate where to go in the case of a fire or emergency. An exit luminaire’s legend should always be clear with a bold direction indicator and exit symbol. The Curva exit box has a viewing distance of 25m and a clear, bold legend with multiple arrow direction options available. The arrow down legend is supplied as standard. The arrow options of the Curva luminaire, as well as the aesthetically pleasing design, means it can be used consistently throughout a commercial building without disrupting the decor. The curved design of the luminaire enhances the clean, sleek finish.

The Curva luminaire is available in maintained or non-maintained versions and has a DALI Emergency Monitored option available. The body of the luminaire is manufactured using white powder-coated sheet steel to ensure a durable and attractive finish. The legend of the Curva is made from reflective polycarbonate sheet to provide high light output. Combined with up-to-date LED technology, the Curva luminaire has sufficient output for emergency situations and is energy efficient. With little maintenance required apart from standard emergency luminaire maintenance, the Curva is an assured emergency lighting solution for your office or high-occupancy accommodation.

Key Features

  • Maintained or non-maintained
  • Curved design
  • 25m viewing distance
  • Full three hour output in emergency mode
  • DALI version available
  • Arrow down legend supplied as standard


Part of our emergency lighting range, the Curva is an aesthetically pleasing curved LED wall mounted exit sign. The body of the luminaire is manufactured using white powder-coated sheet steel.


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