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Emergency Lighting Kits and Controls


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Lighting control at your fingertips. Illumination the way you want it. From dimming to colour temperature control, eBlue is designed to give you full control from just a touch.

eBlue is a Bluetooth 4.0 smart wireless control unit for LED lighting that can use existing switches and wiring to give you complete control over your luminaires in a simple way. All you need is a smartphone/tablet to get the lighting to the exact style you want it.

This innovative system reduces the need for additional cabling to be installed when carrying out a refit or new installation which can save time and costs. That means you’ve got more time to figure out a personalised lighting programme to fit any mood or time of day.

Key Features

  • Can use existing switches and wiring
  • Existing switches can be used as dimmers or to control multiple lamps
  • One touch scene selection
  • New scenes can be programmed as desired to suit any mood or time of day
  • The app allows full control of all lamps
  • Scene setting
  • Dimming
  • Changing colour temperature
  • Selecting desired RGB colour for a luminaire


eBlue is a bluetooth 4.0 smart wireless control unit for LED lighting which allows simple control via your smartphone/tablet and your existing wall switches.


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