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Suspended Lighting

M-Line Bespoke Shape & Custom Lengths – Suspended

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From letters to bold shapes, bespoke M-Line lighting can give offices, workspaces and commercial environments an impact with the ‘wow’ factor. From shoppers to important business clients, bespoke lighting designs can leave a memorable impression on all who see it.

M-Line’s corner sections are fully lit to enhance the visual influence that continuous lighting creates. To add levels and space to your project, bespoke options can be fitted in suspended lighting and wall-mounted lights. Both options can also be supplied to incorporate direct/indirect lighting options with dual switching available. 

Surface-mounted and recessed lighting options can identify spaces of interest to make lasting statements or impactful visuals. 

Our experienced team is on hand to discuss all of our bespoke M-Line options. We work alongside you in order to produce the product you want to the budget you have and give a realistic perspective on timeframes—simply add this to your quote request today.

Key Features

  • Aluminium extruded sections in 9 standard lengths and can be increased by 140mm increments
  • Bespoke shaped formations subject to design
  • Colour options in 3000/4000/5000K
  • Incorporates European branded LED drivers
  • Direct/Indirect lighting options available for suspended and wall mounted
  • Utilises latest generation long-life LEDs from leading manufacturers
  • Clip in gear tray for easy installation
  • Opal polycarbonate diffuser
  • Tuneable white and RGB options available
  • Dimmable and emergency options available
  • Compatible with eBlue wireless switching system
  • Dual Switch option available
  • Also available in recessed trimless system
  • CRI>80, 50,000h life

M-Line Bespoke Shape & Custom Lengths – Suspended


Bespoke lighting from Mount Lighting. M-Line’s sleek aluminium profile can be adapted to form many custom linear lengths and shaped designs.


M-Line Bespoke Shape & Custom Lengths – Suspended

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Colour Options

Product Code Suffix Description
WWhite (RAL 9016)
GGrey (RAL 9006)
BBlack (RAL 9005)
U (POA)Blue (RAL 5002)
V (POA)Green (RAL 6018)
T (POA)Yellow (RAL 1021)
K (POA)Red (RAL 3020)
N (POA)Jungle
D (POA)Goldeneye
O (POA)Sahara
L (POA)Autumn
R (POA)Rusty chain
C (POA)Pure chocolate
1 (POA)Mist
9 (POA)Darkrock
I (POA)Carbon

Control Options

Product Code Suffix Description
M3 hour maintained emergency
MZ3 hour maintained DALI emergency
D1-10V ballast
DALIDALI/DSI dimmable ballast
3K3000K LED
5K5000K LED
RGBColour Changing LED

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