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    Emergency Kits and Controls


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    The MNT/240/40 has an emergency duration of three hours and can convert loads up to 40W for reliable lighting back-up during an emergency. With its versatile design contained with the efficient enclosed unit, this emergency conversion kit can suit a multitude of lamps for reliable application throughout commercial, hotels and shared accommodation residences.

    The entire unit, including inverter module and high-capacity VRLA batteries, are housed within a singular sheet steel, hinged enclosure. This aids access to the wiring connection points and fused terminal if the unit needs assessment or monitoring. By using the keyhole slots, the pack can be directly fixed to a solid surface to ensure the installation is neat. The MNT/240/40 is intended as a remote conversion kit that should be mounted away from the fitting. The unit takes 24 hours to charge and has deep discharge protection for extra security during power surges and emergencies.

    Key Features

    • Entire unit is housed in one steel hinged enclosure
    • IP20
    • Supplied complete with high-capacity VRLA batteries
    • Deep discharge protection
    • 3 hour emergency duration
    • 24 hours charge time
    • Converts loads up to 40w


    Our MNT/240/40 is a 3 hour emergency lighting conversion pack which has been designed specifically to suit a multitude of mains voltage lamps with a maximum load of 40w.


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    Product Code Power Output (Emergency Mode) LED Wattage Weight
    MNT/240/40 100% Up to 40w 9kg


    Size Options


    L: 380mm W: 242mm H: 90mm

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