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Emergency Kits and Controls

MNT 240 SP

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Our MNT/240/14/SP emergency kit is designed to provide 100% emergency back-up to existing GU10 mains LED lamps. This emergency kit is a great way to provide extra light coverage and can be used as a retro-fit option to provide additional lighting during an emergency situation alongside other emergency luminaires. In emergency mode, the powered pack converts its AC supply to a DC voltage and will power the lamp when the mains are unable to.

The 10-cell battery pack is housed inside a flexible sleeve alongside the inverter. The flexible sleeve is secured within a metal enclosure. For ease of installation, the pack is pre-wired with a mains connection lead, lamp connection lead and plug and play battery connectors. The entire kit can be installed through a 60mm cutout as standard. The emergency kit can provide maintained or non-maintained operation dependent on its plug-in and also works with dimmable lamps.

Key Features

  • Suitable for most mains GU10 LED lamps
  • Fits through 60mm ceiling cut outs
  • Maintained or non-maintained operation
  • 100% output in emergency
  • Plug & play battery connectors
  • 10 Cell battery pack
  • Pre-wired flying loom for fast installation
  • Works with dimmable lamps

MNT 240 SP

Our MNT240SP emergency kit is designed to provide 100% emergency back up when using mains GU10 LED lamps.

MNT 240 SP

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Product CodeEmergency TypeLED Wattage
MNT/240/14/SP100%8w Maximum


Size Options


Fits through cut-out ø 60mm

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