How You Can Transform Your Interior Design Project Using the Power of Light

With the recent trend towards workspaces that are vibrant, stimulating and collaborative in design, many companies are looking at ways to bring a sense of fun into their work environment.  Here at Mount, we are assisting architects, contractors, and designers to use the power of lighting to create interiors that inspire.


Interior Design Lighting Tips


Whether it’s for a reception (you only get once chance to make a first impression!) a corridor, or an informal meeting area, we have a vast selection of products that beautifully merge form and function to create lighting that is truly worth talking about. With that in mind, we have put together the following points to guide you through the different options available.





The essence of interior design lies in ensuring that all the elements complement one another. From the colour scheme to the choice of furniture, through to the materials used – everything must work in harmony to create the desired effect.


Lighting is another component that is essential to achieving a cohesive fluidity in the design. Not only can lighting enhance the design choices, it can be used to create a powerful statement in itself.





Lighting also has the ability to change the perceived size or shape of a room. Whether you’re dealing with a vast amount of space or a very limited space, light placement is key to creating the overall impression you desire. It can be used to manipulate a space by drawing your eyes to particular areas.


Layered lighting is the perfect solution for directing where you want visitors’ eyes to be drawn, utilising walls as well as the ceiling. You may even wish to use lighting to physically guide users in the right direction.




Lighting can be used to draw attention to details of your project in all their glory. Directional lighting can be used to ensure visitors don’t overlook key aspects of your interior, whether it be a stunning staircase, unique architectural feature, or an intriguing textural wall panel.





Particularly in an office environment, a client will be looking to create spaces that inspire productivity, and lighting has the ability to greatly affect the mood of a room. Many things must be considered to ensure an interior is sufficiently lit for functionality, mood and atmosphere. Lighting (both natural and artificial) has a psychological and physiological impact on people so it’s vital you get it right. Breakout spaces should have a different atmosphere to say, a meeting room, and this also applies to reception areas compared to a private office.


Lighting is the one constant that has the power to transform any space at the push of a button. Relaxed, productive, inviting; each individual atmosphere can be created through the power of intelligent lighting. Ask about our smart wireless eBlue control units that can be programmed to scroll through a vast selection of colours and intensities from your smartphone!


Here at Mount Lighting our experts can help you assess a space and create a full lighting design to enhance the interior design plans, utilising the highest quality energy-efficient luminaires. If we don’t have the perfect product on the shelf, we will design and create something bespoke, as we know each project is unique and requires a fresh approach. Got a project lined up? Why not get in touch with our lighting specialists today!


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