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    Pendant Lamps

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    Key Features

    • 4W 125mm Globe 2000K
    • 4W 110mm Tubular 2000K
    • 4W 130mm Tubular 2000K
    • 4W Squirrel Cage 2000K
    • 4W Candle 2000K
    • 18W GLS Pearl 4000K
    • 9W GLS Pearl 2700K

    Pendant Lamps

    Pendant Lamps

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    Description LED Wattage Colour Temp Non-Dimmable Code Dimmable Code
    125mm Globe 4W 2000K 01437 01472
    110mm Tubular 4W 2000K 01439 01501
    130mm Tubular 4W 2000K 01441 01443
    Squirrel Cage 4W 2000K 01462 01469
    Candle 4W 2000K 01432 01453
    GLS Pearl 18W 4000K 05628 05636
    GLS Pearl 9W 2700K 05720 05617

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