Casambi enables complete control over your lighting

Casambi gives you a complete lighting control solution with a dynamic and reliable user experience. The system is based on modern wireless mesh technology, allowing it to be fully future-proofed and adaptable while allowing you to create a full ecosystem.

Casambi uses an intelligent control hierarchy in order to adapt the lighting to best suit your needs. From dimming to colour temperature control, you have full control with just a touch. This scene-based control approach also enables optimum energy efficiency and user-friendliness.

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A complete wireless lighting network

The Casambi system is based on a Bluetooth Low Energy mesh network, ensuring there is no single points of failure. The mesh concept makes the system future-proof, with the network being able to self-heal around any failures that may occur within the network. The system can be easily scaled from small single room or housing projects to large industrial-scale solutions.

Scene Lighting Control Made Simple

Casambi provides users with a professional grade selection of control options. The Casambi wireless control system isn’t just about turning the lights on and off. The system is fully connected and intelligent, with a wide variety of features that can be used to save energy, enable dynamic light displays, and deliver ‘human-centric lighting’ that can promote wellbeing.

A full, open ecosystem that includes all major lighting companies

The Casambi system is currently compatible with nearly 2100 third-party modules, drivers, luminaires, sensors, and switches, with this number growing every week. All Casambi-ready devices are compatible with each other and the Casambi App.

The future of sustainable smart lighting controls

The systems features can help boost sustainability. The Daylight harvesting is estimated to save up to 60% of lighting load, Occupancy detection can make up to 44% in savings, Timers and Scheduling minimise the amount of time that lighting needs to be left on. All of these points add up to a cumulative benefit for users. These features also add individual control for extra user comfort.

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