Sometimes, the quietest designs can create the loudest statements. Introducing Tranquila, our brand new acoustic lighting range, designed in collaboration with AllSfär.

Cut through the noise with the Aura

The versatile design makes our Aura acoustic light pendant particularly ideal for break-out areas, social spaces and informal collaborative spaces where several sizes and shapes can be installed together to manage noise and add visual impact to areas that require lighting and acoustics.

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The Soreno shouts contemporary design

Our Soreno acoustic LED hexagon is a contemporary lighting option perfect for modern offices and design-led industrial spaces. The Soreno is great as a single pendant, but when grouped in multiples to create a geometric feature, makes an impact.

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Make a loud statement with the Pacifica

The striking vertical V-cut texture of the Pacifica acoustic linear LED adds an element of edginess to the design and increases surface area for more sound absorbsion. Available in a range of 32 bird-inspired colours and a variety of sizes, the Pacifica will fit seamlessly into any workplace requiring noise reduction.

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Relax in radiance with the Sonido

The Sonido acoustic LED linear lighting pendant can also be surface mounted to the ceiling or placed between acoustic ceiling baffles for extra sound absorption. Sonido joins the Tranquila range of innovative, sustainable acoustic lighting solutions.

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