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This collection of low glare architectural downlights are the perfect solution when requiring stylish yet discreet fittings with darklight baffles to reduce glare.

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Glare has a big impact on the quality of lighting in a commercial environment and is a direct contributor to visual discomfort. The matt black baffle of this downlight has been designed to minimise glare to prevent visitors, employees and building occupants being subjected to optical discomfort from surface or screen reflections.


The Quantum luminaire is manufactured with a Tridonic LED engine and driver system and comes in a choice of finishes and colours to match coordinated interior design schemes. There is also a plaster-in trimless design and wall wash option available for a good-looking finish that is conscious of its visual impact.

  • Discreet die-cast aluminium bezel
  • Matt black darklight baffle to minimise glare
  • IP44 protective lens
  • Precision moulded 40º reflector
  • Thermally optimised die-cast heatsink
  • Tridonic LED engine and driver system
  • Short circuit, overload and temperature protection
  • Life >60,000h L70/F10
  • Round option available (Flare)
  • Compatible with eBlue wireless switching system

Typical Applications

General office areas, conference rooms, reception areas, educational facilities, retail units, bars, restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities and residential properties.

Product CodeHeadsOutput (lm)CCT (ºK)Wattage (W)Efficacy (lm/W)Dimensions (mm)Cut-out (mm)
QTM1/8/3K162530008.57485 x 85 x 9581 x 81
QTM1/8165040008.57785 x 85 x 9581 x 81
QTM1/10/3K1825300010.57985 x 85 x 9581 x 81
QTM1/101850400010.58185 x 85 x 9581 x 81
QTM2/17/3K2125030001774154 x 85 x 95145 x 77
QTM2/172130040001777154 x 85 x 95145 x 77
QTM2/21/3K2165030002179154 x 85 x 95145 x 77
QTM2/212170040002181154 x 85 x 95145 x 77
QTM/25/3K31875300025.574222 x 85 x 95213 x 77
QTM3/2531950400025.577222 x 85 x 95213 x 77
QTM3/31/3K32475300031.579222 x 85 x 95213 x 77
QTM3/3132550400031.581222 x 85 x 95213 x 77
*This range is only available as Non-Dimmable and 4000K


Product Options


Option Code
DALIDALI/DSI Dimmable Driver
M3 Hour Maintained Emergency
MZ3 Hour DALI Maintained Emergency
TRPlaster-in Trimless Bezel
WBWhite Baffle
BTCasambi Wireless Network (inc Dim)
Product Variation (state required specification)


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