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    Emergency Lighting


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    The Recessed Razor is an attractive, double-sided exit sign with a built-in luminaire that is designed to integrate competently into the structural layout of your building. Where necessary, to meet the structure and exit route of the premises, the Recessed Razor legend has arrow direction options that can be specified upon order for a solution that is consistent and clear. With a 25m viewing distance and double-sided face, this emergency sign is difficult to miss in normal and low light. With a three-hour output in emergency mode, safe access and exit is extended.

    The Recessed Razor is available in a variety of finish options to meet the aesthetic of a space. The legend surround is available in white, brass, chrome and black to match the colour scheme of your premises. The exit sign is also available in a maintained or non-maintained version and has a DALI Emergency available. As the Recessed Razor is an LED light, the luminaire is energy efficient and offers a long lifecycle to keep your premises prepared for a long period. The luminaire also requires very little maintenance apart from the standard testing and maintenance specified for emergency lighting.

    Key Features

    • Maintained or non-maintained
    • 25m viewing distance
    • Double sided legends
    • Full three hour output in emergency mode
    • Special legends made to order
    • Low power consumption
    • DALI version available


    Our Recessed Razor exit sign has been designed to be a stylish flush-mounted LED exit sign with a drop-down legend.


    SKU: Recessed Razor
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    Product Code


    Product Options


    Option Code
    WH White
    BR Brass
    CHR Chrome
    BLK Black
    DALI DALI Emergency


    Legend Options
    RZL/AU Arrow Up
    RZL/ALR Arrow Left/Right
    RZL/AD Arrow Down


    Size Options


    L 355mm W 112mm
    L1 290mm H1 150mm
    L2 332mm W2 92mm H2 75mm

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