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    Suspended Lighting

    X-Bay Pendant

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    Our X-Bay pendant has been specially designed for use in high ceiling areas where optimum lighting levels need to be achieved. Supplied with a 2m suspension cable as standard with 5m option available upon request. The housing gear can be finished in various colour combinations to fit in seamlessly with your design plans.

    Key Features

    • Incorporates the Philips Fortimo and Xitanium driver
    • Polycarbonate Lexalite Reflexor refractor
    • 2m suspension kit as standard, 5m option available
    • Dimming options
    • Colour combinations for gear housing available
    • Life >60,000 hours (L70/B10)
    • 5-year warranty

    X-Bay Pendant

    X-Bay Pendant

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    Product Code LED Wattage Lumen Output Lumen/Watt Colour Temperature
    XBAY11/3K 11W 1025 93 3000K
    XBAY11 11W 1100 100 4000K
    XBAY21/3K 21W 1950 93 3000K
    XBAY21 21W 2125 101 4000K
    XBAY30/3K 30W 2875 95 3000K
    XBAY30 30W 3125 104 4000K
    XBAY46/3K 46W 3125 97 3000K
    XBAY46 46W 4875 106 4000K

    Control Options

    Option Code Description
    /M 3 Hour Maintained Emergency
    /MZ 3 Hour Maintained DALI Emergency
    /DALI DALI/DSI Driver
    /3K 3000K LED
    /BB Black, Black
    /GG Grey, Grey
    /WB White, Black
    /5MSUSKIT 5m Suspension Kit

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