The below table provides a helpful guide to the CIBSE recommended lighting levels for the most common premises types.  Remember, this is a guide and any specific building requirements need to be carefully considered.  If in doubt, consult an expert!  Mount Lighting can provide advice on the correct lighting solution for any application, drawing on our decades of experience in the lighting sector.

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Area Recommended Lighting Level Area Recommended Lighting Level
General 500 lux Drawing office 500 lux
Computer work stations 300 – 500 lux Drawing boards 750 lux
Filing rooms 300 lux CAD design areas 300 – 500 lux
Print rooms 300 lux
Small retail outlets 500 lux DIY superstore 1000 lux
Supermarkets 750 lux Garden centres 500 lux
Hypermarkets 1000 lux Showrooms 500 – 750 lux
Tool shops 300 – 750 lux Heavy machine assembly 300 lux
Arc welding 300 lux Inspection and testing 500 – 2000 lux
Spot welding 500 – 1000 lux
Banks & building societies
Counter offices 500 lux Public areas 300 lux
Staff areas
Changing rooms & toilets 100 lux Restaurants & canteens 200 lux
Restrooms 150 lux
Serving & washing up areas 300 lux Food stores 150 lux
Food preparation & cooking 500 lux
General areas
Entrance halls & lobbies 200 lux Gatehouses 200 lux
Enquiry desks 500 lux
Circulation areas
Lifts 100 lux Atria 50 – 200 lux
Corridors & stairs 100 lux Atria with plants 500 – 3000 lux
Escalators/Conveyors 150 lux Entrances/Exits 200 lux
Switchboards 300 lux Post rooms 500 lux
Building services areas
Boiler house 100 lux Mechanical plant rooms 150 lux
Control rooms 300 lux Electrical plant rooms 100 lux
Distribution & storage
Loading bays 150 lux Trade counter 500 lux
Unpacking & sorting 200 lux Warehouse/Bulk Stores 100 lux
Large item stores 100 lux Packing & dispatch 300 lux
Small-item stores 200 lux Cold stores 300 lux
Places of public accessibility
Churches & village halls 300 lux

Lighting Levels for Hospitals

Lighting levels for hospitals and health care centres are specialised and complex, seek guidance from the C.I.B.S.E guide for interior lighting.  These levels are based on the C.I.B.S.E guide for interior lighting and cover only the most common applications.

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