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Converta SL LED

The inverter is housed within a plastic enclosure with strain relief covers either end.


The remote battery housed in protective sleeving is connected via male/female AMP plug connectors.

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Converta SL LED

Our Converta SL LED emergency pack is designed to be installed by breaking into the low voltage connection between the mains LED Driver and the LEDs.

Converta SL LED


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  • Suitable for use with standalone constant current LED lamps
  • Fits through 60mm ceiling cut outs
  • Non–maintained suitable for mains LED drivers
  • Approx 3w output in emergency
  • Suitable for LEDS operating between 6 – 55v

Typical Applications

LED downlights and panels with standalone constant current drivers.


Product CodeEmergency Type
SLE3 / KITNon – maintained
Can be wired as maintained with suitable LED driver


Product Options


Option Code
M3 hour maintained emergency
MZ3 hour maintained DALI emergency
PPresence detection
PCFDimmable presence detection
D1-10v dimmable ballast