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M-Line continuous lengths

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M-Line’s sleek aluminium profile can be adapted to form many bespoke linear lengths. Corner sections are fully lit to enhance the visual impact that continuous lighting creates. Suspended and wall-mounted systems can be supplied to incorporate direct/indirect lighting options with dual switching available.

The system can also be surface mounted or recessed in both ceilings and walls.

Key Features

  • Aluminium extruded sections in 9 standard lengths and can be increased by 140mm increments
  • Bespoke formations subject to design
  • Colour options in 3000/4000/5000K
  • Incorporates European-branded LED drivers
  • Direct/indirect lighting options available for suspended and wall mounted
  • Utilises latest generation long-life LEDs from leading manufacturers
  • Clip-in gear tray for easy installation
  • Opal polycarbonate diffuser
  • Tuneable white and RGB options available
  • Dimmable and emergency options available
  • Casambi wireless system available
  • Dual switch option available

M-Line continuous lengths

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M-Line continuous lengths

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Product Code SuffixDescription
/M3-Hour Maintained Emergency
/MZ3-Hour Maintained DALI Emergency
/D1-10V Ballast
/DALIDALI/DSI Dimmable Ballast
/3K3000K LED
/5K5000k LED
/RGBColour Changing LED

NOTE: Alternative length suspension kits available – POA

Product Code SuffixDescription
Supply Cable
CABTR3C1.5m transparent current cable 3 x0.75mm2
CABTR5C1.5m transparent current cable 5 x0.75mm2
MLESUS2M Suspension Kit for Suspended M-Line
Product Code SuffixDescription
WWhite (RAL 9016)
GGrey (RAL 9006)
BBlack (RAL 9005)
U (POA)Blue (RAL 5002)
V (POA)Green (RAL 6018)
T (POA)Yellow (RAL 1021)
K (POA)Red (RAL 3020)
N (POA)Jungle
D (POA)Goldeneye
O (POA)Sahara
L (POA)Autumn
R (POA)Rusty chain
C (POA)Pure chocolate
1 (POA)Mist
9 (POA)Darkrock
I (POA)Carbon


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