How to Create a Stunning Reception Area Using M-Line LED Lighting


‘Your first impression is your last impression’

When someone first steps into your building, what do they see?

Everyone knows first impressions count. However, most people associate this saying with personal appearance and attitude – but what is your building saying about your brand? Read on to discover how M-Line Lighting solutions can help you deliver a truly stunning reception area!


Set The Tone

You have approximately 3 seconds from when someone first enters your premises to present your brand to them. By the time your visitor is greeted by a representative of your company, their initial impression of what you stand for will likely have already been formed. Sure – you may be wearing a smart suit and your interaction with the visitor may be faultless, but if your reception area is soulless and dull, your first opportunity to make a positive impression has already been lost!

Whether cosy and familiar, fresh and unexpected, or sleek and imposing, your reception area should reflect and encapsulate your brand, instantly giving your visitor a ‘feel’ for your company. First and foremost, create the atmosphere with appropriate lighting – your logo should be clearly depicted and well lit, reinforcing that your visitor has reached their destination! Ideally the logo should be prominently on the front of the reception desk or on the wall behind it. Layered lighting works extremely well for reception areas – consider using recessed or spotlight lighting to showcase your logo, creating a focus point around your reception desk for a first impression that makes an impact.



More Than Just a Pretty Face…

Reception areas have to tick many boxes – combining style with practicality, they have to be welcoming, control the flow of visitors and deliveries effectively and convey your brand message, all at once! Thoughtful design will craft a space that is stylish, professional and functional, pleasing visitors and staff alike.

Create a comfortable spot for your visitor to rest while they wait, a couple of chairs, a table to rest their bags and papers on and define the seating area with warm and welcoming lighting to brighten their day! Put yourself in the shoes of the potential visitor – what would YOU like to see when you arrive? What would you be thankful to find? What could you see that would inspire and excite you? From a fun wall mural, a lit display case of products or trophies and awards, through to a digital display showcasing your corporate video, the possibilities are endless.

Make sure the area can remain uncluttered and tidy with unobtrusive storage options – allow nothing to distract from your visual signature!


short linear lighting


The Power of Light

As we never tire of saying here at Mount, ‘creating breathtaking interiors requires intelligent design, and at the heart of any interior experience is exceptional lighting’. It is no secret that the first thing people notice upon entering a room is the quality of lighting (or the lack of it..!) A visitors’ immediate impression should be one of a bright and welcoming space, and there is no better way to achieve this than by using our range of M-Line products. Whether it’s a Halo (to make your receptionist look even more angelic!) or a totally bespoke design of your very own, this has to be the most fun part of the whole design process.

Contact us today to let us know YOUR Statement Lighting vision and we will help you make it a reality! The only limit is your imagination. Really.



The Icing on the Cake

Don’t forget! You can add eBlue connected wireless smart controls to all of our LED lighting options, giving you the ability to remotely change the light output using Android and Apple devices via the Casambi app!



A Case Study – Silk Factory

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