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The Echo range of fully adjustable LED frame lights are available in alternative reflector and beam angles. The fittings are available with a choice of wireless, dimming and emergency functionalities and can be colour matched to black and white ceilings.

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The alternative reflector and beam options of this lighting system make it a great fit for practical and aesthetic environments. The reflectors are available in multi-faceted, specular and satin styles to achieve reflection levels and light emissions in the best way for your carefully designed space. 


Whether the application is a retail, leisure or commercial space, the Echo LED frame light is a fantastic edition for accent lighting. Make your statements features stand out or your products pop with colour temperatures of 3000K or 4000K. 

  • Incorporates Tridonic LED module and driver system
  • UGR19 and ECA compliant variants
  • Multifaceted 40° reflector as standard
  • Alternative reflector and beam options
  • Emergency, DALI and dimming options
  • 5 year warranty
  • European branded LED driver
  • Also available in 3000K

Typical Applications

Reception areas, educational facilities, retail units, bars, galleries, restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities and residential properties.

Product CodeHeadsOutput (lm)CCT (ºK)Wattage (W)Efficacy (lm/W)Dimensions (mm)Dimensions (mm)
ECH1/7/AB175040007108189 x 189 x 145180 x 180
ECH1/15/AB11650400015110189 x 189 x 145180 x 180
ECH1/18/AB11950400018109189 x 189 x 145180 x 180
ECH1/24/AB12750400024115189 x 189 x 145180 x 180
ECH1/30/AB13325400030111189 x 189 x 145180 x 180
ECH2/7/AB275040007108348 x 189 x 145339 x 180
ECH2/15/AB21650400015110348 x 189 x 145339 x 180
ECH2/18/AB21950400018109348 x 189 x 145339 x 180
ECH2/24/AB22750400024115348 x 189 x 145339 x 180
ECH2/30/AB23325400030111348 x 189 x 145339 x 180
ECH3/7/AB375040007108504 x 189 x 145495 x 180
ECH3/15/AB31650400015110504 x 189 x 145495 x 180
ECH3/18/AB31950400018109504 x 189 x 145495 x 180
ECH3/24/AB32750400024115504 x 189 x 145495 x 180
ECH3/30/AB33325400030111504 x 189 x 145495 x 180
ECH1/14/AB11650400014118189 x 189 x 145180 x 180
ECH1/19/AB12250400019119189 x 189 x 145180 x 180
ECH1/14/AB21650400014118348 x 189 x 145339 x 180
ECH1/19/AB22250400019119348 x 189 x 145339 x 180
ECH1/14/AB31650400014118504 x 189 x 145495 x 180
ECH1/19/AB32250400019119504 x 189 x 145495 x 180
*This range is only available as Non-Dimmable and 4000K


Product Options


Option Code
DALIDALI/DSI Dimmable Driver
M3 Hour Maintained Emergency
MZ3 Hour DALI Maintained Emergency
3K3000K (Warm White)
Part AW = White RAL9016, B = Black RAL9005
Part BW = White RAL9016, B = Black RAL9006
MF2525° Multi-Faceted Reflector
MF6060° Multi-Faceted Reflector
SP4040° Specular Reflector
SA5050° Satin Reflector
BTCasambi Wireless Network (inc Dim)
Product Variation (state required specification)


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