Made In Britain – Advantages of In-House Production

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Overseas companies saturate the consumer and manufacturing markets, but using products made in Britain by a British manufacturer has benefits on an economic and business-specific scale.

Countries all over the globe invest in the ‘Made in the UK’ appeal for good reason, but how can you be sure you’re investing in genuine British-made products for your projects? How can you be sure you’re getting all of the advantages of buying British?

Made in Britain is a growing community of British companies that manufacture products and goods in Great Britain or Northern Ireland to the highest standards.

As a leading UK lighting manufacturer, we became a MiB member in recent years as a recognition of our excellent in-house bespoke LED lighting production facilities in Bedfordshire.

We want to share with you how our status can directly benefit your commercial lighting fit-out projects and indirectly benefit people all over the UK.


What Is In-House Production?

‘In-house’ refers to an operation or task performed within a company. The firm will us

e its own employees and time instead of outsourcing to another business or organisation.

In-house production is, therefore, the act of processing, managing and manufacturing products internally in line with other company operations.


uk lighting manufacturer


What Are The Benefits Of In-House Production vs Outsourcing?

Choosing where to manufacture products is a big part of any company’s strategy.  As a UK lighting manufacturer, producing many of our luminaires in-house benefits both our team and our clients.

The benefits of in-house production are often compared to those of outsourcing. We strongly believe that buying British can guarantee a higher quality, better communication, shorter lead times, reduced supply chain risks and a lower carbon footprint.

Flexibility — We have full control over the manufacturing of our MiB products and other ranges, and can make amends how we wish in line with customer demand or technology advancements. Our team can communicate internally to action last-minute changes and work collaboratively to implement client requests without multiple chains of communication or correspondence issues.

Improved Quality — By manufacturing our MiB ranges in-house, our team take pride and responsibility for the quality of the final LED lighting products. We practice quality control throughout and pay attention to every piece. Commercial LED lighting is what we do; some outsourced companies will create thousands of different products at once, and many issues or inconsistencies can be overlooked.

ISO & Standards — As a British manufacturer, Mount must meet the necessary production standards that help guarantee safe use and lasting quality. Mount Lighting holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications and meets all the expectations required to be registered as a Made in Britain member.

Logistics & Lead Times — Although the world is gradually healing from the impact of the pandemic, new economic and political developments (including Brexit agreements) can put transit routes, freight and supply chains at risk.

As a UK office lighting supplier, we know and understand the country where we work and aim to offer fantastic lead times to keep projects on track. Having total control over our production lines directly contributes to the success of our logistics processes.

Give Back to the UK Economy & Environment — Choosing a British supplier helps companies to help themselves. Buying British goods helps protect/create jobs in the UK and prevents foreign companies from gaining a monopoly. Fewer carrier routes and external imports will also help cut carbon emissions.


uk lighting manufacturer


Are There Any Disadvantages To Supporting British Manufacturing?

If you talk to almost any business owner or purchaser, the main reason for outsourcing will be simple: cost. Many global suppliers and manufacturers offer their products at a ‘competitive’ price because manufacturing and overhead costs are generally lower. In addition, some global companies will benefit from better technology, research and proximity to raw materials.

However, ‘competitive’ prices and cost-savings can be inflated by pricey international admin fees, transport costs or duty rates. For many companies and contractors, the price point is very attractive. Still, sometimes outsourced products can be too good to be true, and clients could end up suffering if the supplier doesn’t take responsibility.




What Is The Mount Lighting Production Process?

Mount Lighting manufactures some of our best-LED lighting ranges in-house at our Luton HQ. All lighting we don’t take sole manufacturing responsibility for is still subjected to strict Mount Lighting quality control and standards.

Our talented team of LED lighting experts understand the trends and requirements of the industry, and we can manufacture bespoke luminaires and commercial lighting ranges in line with the design requests of our clients.


uk lighting manufacturer


Proud To Stock ‘Made in Britain’ Products



The attractive and modern M-Line LED lighting system is the perfect architectural lighting solution for contemporary commercial projects.  M-Line utilises the latest LED technology in the industry, and its design potential is unparalleled among UK lighting manufacturers’ products.

As the M-Line range is manufactured in-house and part of our MiB offering, we have complete control over the design and quality of the sleek aluminium profiles that form the central part of the M-Line appearance and structure. The extensive colour options are also part of our process and can be implemented at a client’s request.



The T-Line is a cut above the rest when it comes to staying at the forefront of contemporary interior design. Our innovative tubular LED lighting system has infinite configuration possibilities. We can configure this modular architectural LED lighting product using cross pieces and corners to meet the specifications of your project.

This LED lighting feature is manufactured in-house from high-quality material to ensure strong, consistent illumination and is available in multiple lengths and custom shapes.


M-Line Slimline Hexagon

Our slimline LED hexagon M-Line range is a contemporary lighting option perfect for modern offices and design-led industrial spaces. The striking design and dynamic shapes of the hexagons help elevate commercial interiors to be more inviting and productive.

Although the slimline M-Line hexagon can be used as a solo pendant, this fantastic LED lighting feature excels when grouped in multiples and clusters to create a geometric feature.


Choose Mount Lighting For British-Made Lighting

Being a member of Made in Britain means a lot to us as a UK lighting manufacturer.  Having Made in Britain’s credibility and recognition helps us provide better access and confidence to consumers and contractors all over the United Kingdom.

It encourages us to push our company further to manufacture more innovative products to meet the demands of the industry. Choose UK LED lighting. Choose Mount Lighting.

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