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    Recessed Trimless Systems

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    Recessed Trimless lighting is a great solution for creating a finish that is almost completely smooth to the surface it’s installed within. With standard lengths of 2824mm available and bespoke formations and lengths available to order, you can use the Recessed Trimless M-Line lighting for the most delicate projects to those fit-outs that need a solution that offers great downlighting. 

    Although the standard system is designed for ceiling mounting, wall mounting systems can be supplied upon request if you feel this would fit better with your design. With an easy to use clip-in fitting, installation is quick and easy. Save time on any potential project with M-Line.

    Key Features

    • Unique trim enables easy finishing with ceiling
    • Aluminium extruded sections in 9 standard lengths
    • Bespoke lengths available to order in 140mm increments
    • Colour options in 3000/4000/5000K
    • Custom shaped formations available subject to design
    • Incorporates European branded LED drivers
    • Utilises latest generation long-life LEDs from leading manufacturers
    • Clip in gear tray for easy installation
    • Opal polycarbonate diffuser
    • Tuneable white and RGB options available
    • Dimmable and emergency options available
    • Compatible with eBlue wireless switching
    • CRI>80, 50,000h life

    Recessed Trimless Systems


    The M-Line trimless recessed system is available in standard lengths up to 2840mm with bespoke formations and continuous lengths available to order for either ceiling or wall mounting.

    Recessed Trimless Systems

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    Product Code Description Length Cutout Dimensions Colour Temperature Lumen Output LED Wattage
    Recessed Trimless System
    MLERT584 Recessed Direct Light Only 584mm 584mm x 52mm 4000K 1135 12
    MLERT864 Recessed Direct Light Only 864mm 864mm x 52mm 4000K 1702 19
    MLERT1144 Recessed Direct Light Only 1144mm 1144mm x 52mm 4000K 2270 25
    MLERT1424 Recessed Direct Light Only 1424mm 1424mm x 52mm 4000K 2837 31
    MLERT1704 Recessed Direct Light Only 1704mm 1704mm x 52mm 4000K 3405 37
    MLERT1984 Recessed Direct Light Only 1984mm 1984mm x 52mm 4000K 3973 43
    MLERT2264 Recessed Direct Light Only 2264mm 2264mm x 52mm 4000K 4540 50
    MLERT2544 Recessed Direct Light Only 2544mm 2544mm x 52mm 4000K 5107 56
    MLERT2824 Recessed Direct Light Only 2824mm 2824mm x 52mm 4000K 5675 62
    Note: Longer bespoke lengths available in 140mm increments.


    Control Options


    Product Code Suffix Description
    M 3 hour maintained emergency
    MZ 3 hour maintained DALI emergency
    D 1 – 10v ballast
    DALI DALI/DSI dimmable ballast
    3K 3000K LED
    5K 5000k LED
    RGB Colour Changing LED


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