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The Lens-Line is a superior, low glare, UGR19 compliant LED linear fitting that outperforms its rivals in light distribution and efficiency. Manufactured in house from a 2 part aluminium extrusion, the profile allows for hidden controls and the option of surface mounting or 2m suspension points positioned anywhere along the length of the luminaire. The Lens-Line is also available in 8 different standard lengths and includes options for 75%/25% direct/indirect light distribution.

The Lens-Line is the most sustainable low glare linear lighting option with low carbon footprint and high energy efficiency.

Key Features

  • Supports UGR19
  • Super efficiency at 195 Lumens per Watt
  • Available in 8 standard lengths
  • Direct & Direct/Indirect options
  • Emergency and DALI options available
  • Compatible with Casambi Wireless control System
  • White as standard, black and grey options available
  • 3000K option available
  • IP20
  • CRI>80
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in Britain




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Product Code LED Wattage Lumen Output Lumen/Watt Colour Temperature Size
Suspended Direct Lighting System
LLE855 10W 1875 195 4000K 855mm
LLE1135 13W 2500 195 4000K 1135mm
LLE1415 16W 3125 195 4000K 1415mm
LLE1695 19W 3750 195 4000K 1695mm
LLE1975 22W 4375 195 4000K 1975mm
LLE2255 26W 5000 195 4000K 2255mm
LLE2535 29W 5625 195 4000K 2535mm
LLE2815 32W 6250 195 4000K 2815mm
To order surface mounted please use code LLES then size. Lumen output is the same as suspended
Suspended Direct/Indirect Lighting System/75% Direct/25% Indirect
LLE1135/DIR/IND 20W 3291 165 4000K 1135mm
LLE1415/DIR/IND 25W 4181 165 4000K 1415mm
LLE1695/DIR/IND 31W 5071 165 4000K 1695mm
LLE1975/DIR/IND 36W 5361 165 4000K 1975mm
LLE2255/DIR/IND 41W 6851 165 4000K 2255mm
LLE2535/DIR/IND 47W 7741 165 4000K 2535mm
LLE2815/DIR/IND 52W 8631 165 4000K 2815mm
Option Code Description
/LLES Surface Mounted
/M 3 Hour Maintained Emergency
/MZ 3 Hour Maintained DALI Emergency
/D 1-10V Dimmable
/BTC Casambi Dimmable
/3K 3000K LED
/9005 Black
/9016 White
/9006 Grey
Option Code Description
/W White (RAL 9016)
/G Grey (RAL 9006)
/B Black (RAL 9005)
W 46.3mm H 72mm

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