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The powder coated aluminium body provides corrosion resistance and excellent heat dissipation. The high quality deep reflector has a good reflective rate and is suitable for UGR19 applications when used with a faceted diffuser.

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  • Aluminium body
  • 60 Degree beam angle
  • 3000K option
  • Available in 18w, 25w or 35w
  • Up to 3600 lumen output
  • Interior Use
  • CRI 80
  • IP54
  • UGR<19

Typical Applications

Amenity, Tea-Points, Canteens, Receptions, Corridors and General Office Areas

Product CodeLED WattageLumen OutputLumen / WattColour Temperature


Product Options


Option Code
D1 – 10v Dimmable Ballast
DALIDALI/DSI Dimmable Ballast
M3 Hour Maintained Emergency
MZ3 Hour Maintained DALI Emergency


Size Options


Product CodeSize ASize BSize CSize D
VEL18Ø 172mmØ145mmH 90mmØ127mm
VEL25Ø 172mmØ145mmH 90mmØ127mm
VEL35Ø 228mmØ195mmH 99mmØ126mm