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LED Tapes, Drivers and Profiles

LED Strip Tape Profiles

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Mount Lighting’s selection of extruded aluminium profiles are ideal for making your own LED strip light assemblies, with the addition of LED tape and a quality LED driver.  These luminaire profiles come with a diffuser that provides the mandatory dissipation for LED tapes and gives them an even light distribution.  Fixing the LED tape into these profiles creates a professional finish; especially important when the light strip is visible.

The extruded profiles are not waterproof but can help prevent moisture ingress; for full outdoor protection/wet zone installation use IP67-rated LED tape and driver.   Please note, these profiles are bare, the LED tapes and LED drivers are purchased separately.

LED Strip Tape Profiles

LED Strip Tape Profiles

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Product Code Width Height Type Lengths
MLP002 17.2 mm 8.4 mm Surface 2m
MLP044 23.5 mm 15 mm Surface 2m
MLP018 35 mm 35 mm Surface 2m
MLP114 17.9 mm 5.7 mm Surface 2m
SLP1616 16 mm 16 mm Surface Bendable 2m
MLP215 73.2 mm 14.9 mm Recessed Bendable 2m

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