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M-Line Linear Lighting System
Recessed Lighting

M-Line XL Recessed

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The M-Line XL is a wider version of our most popular LED linear recessed lighting, opening up new ideas for lighting schemes. Stock lengths up to 2840mm are rapidly available, with bespoke shape formations and continuous or longer lengths available to order. The standard system is designed for recessing into the ceiling; however, wall mounting fixtures can be supplied on request. Whether the lights are wall or ceiling-recessed, fitting is easy thanks to the supplied bracket system.

Key Features

  • Aluminium extruded sections in 9 standard lengths
  • Bespoke lengths available to order in 140mm increments
  • Colour options in 3000K/4000K/5000K
  • Up to 104 lumens per circuit watt
  • Custom-shaped formations subject to design
  • Incorporates European branded LED drivers
  • Utilises latest generation long-life LEDs from leading manufacturers
  • Up to 104 lumens per circuit watt
  • Clip-in gear tray for easy installation
  • Opal polycarbonate diffuser
  • Tuneable white and RGB options available
  • Dimmable and emergency options available
  • Compatible with Casambi wireless control system
  • 5-year warranty

M-Line XL Recessed


M-Line XL Recessed

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Recessed System
Product Code LED Wattage Lumen Output Lumen/Watt Colour Temperature Size Cutout Dimensions
MLER75/600 17W 1589 104 4000K 600mm 584mm x 77mm
MLER75/880 27W 2383 104 4000K 880mm 864mm x 77mm
MLER75/1160 35W 3178 104 4000K 1160mm 1144mm x 77mm
MLER75/1440 43W 3972 104 4000K 1440mm 1424mm x 77mm
MLER75/1720 52W 4767 104 4000K 1720mm 1704mm x 77mm
MLER75/2000 60W 5562 104 4000K 2000mm 1984mm x 77mm
MLER75/2280 84W 6356 104 4000K 2280mm 2264mm x 77mm
MLER75/2560 78W 7150 104 4000K 2560mm 2544mm x 77mm
MLER75/2840 87W 7945 104 4000K 2840mm 2824mm x 77mm
NOTE: Longer bespoke linear lengths available in 140mm increments.
Option Code Description
/M 3 Hour Maintained Emergency
/MZ 3 Hour Maintained DALI Emergency
/D 1-10V Driver
/DALI DALI/DSI Dimmable Driver
/BTC Casambi Dimmable
/3K 3000K LED
/5K 5000K LED
/RGB Colour Changing LED
/TW Tunable White LED
Option Code Description
/W White (RAL 9016)
/G Grey (RAL 9006)
/B Black (RAL 9005)
/U (POA) Blue (RAL 5002)
/V (POA) Green (RAL 6018)
/T (POA) Yellow (RAL 1021)
/K (POA) Red (RAL 3020)
/N (POA) Jungle
/D (POA) Goldeneye
/0 (POA) Sahara
/L (POA) Autumn
/R (POA) Rusty chain
/C (POA) Pure chocolate
/1 (POA) Mist
/9 (POA) Darkrock
/I (POA) Carbon

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