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M-Line 54 – UGR>19 Recessed Low Glare Lighting

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The M-Line 54 recessed linear LED System can help contribute towards UGR>19 compliant workspaces with it’s specialised low glare microprismatic diffuser manufactured from extruded PMMA.
The recessed LED linear aluminium profile requires an extra 10mm cut out for each standard length with bespoke lengths and shapes available to order upon request. The M-Line 54 Low glare LED is perfect for task space lighting due to it’s direct and even light distribution.

Typical Applications
General Office Areas, Conference Rooms, Educational Facilities, Reception Areas, Retail Units, Healthcare Facilities, Hospitality and Leisure Facilities.

Key Features

  • Aluminium extruded sections in 15 standard lengths
  • Bespoke lengths available in multiple increments of 560mm and 280mm
  • Colour options in 3000K/4000K
  • Incorporates European-branded LED drivers
  • Utilises latest generation long-life LEDs from leading manufacturers
  • Dimmable and emergency options are available
  • Compatible with Casambi wireless switching system
  • Uniform light and controlled beam with specialised diffuser
  • CRI>80
  • 5-year warranty

M-Line 54 – UGR>19 Recessed Low Glare Lighting

M-Line 54 – UGR>19 Recessed Low Glare Lighting

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Product Code LED Wattage Lumen Output Lumen/Watt Colour Temp. Size
MLER54/590/LG 10W 1548 155 4000K 590mm
MLER54/870/LG 15W 2322 155 4000K 870mm
MLER54/1151/LG 20W 3096 155 4000K 1151mm
MLER54/1431/LG 25W 3870 155 4000K 1431mm
MLER54/1712/LG 30W 4644 155 4000K 1712mm
MLER54/1992/LG 35W 5418 155 4000K 1992mm
MLER54/2273/LG 40W 6192 155 4000K 2273mm
MLER54/2553/LG 45W 6966 155 4000K 2553mm
MLER54/2834/LG 50W 7740 155 4000K 2834mm
MLER54/3114/LG 55W 8514 155 4000K 3114mm
MLER54/3395/LG 60W 9288 155 4000K 3395mm
MLER54/3675/LG 65W 10062 155 4000K 3675mm
MLER54/3956/LG 70W 10836 155 4000K 3956mm
MLER54/4236/LG 75W 11610 155 4000K 4236mm
MLER54/4517/LG 80W 12384 155 4000K 4517mm
Option Code Description
/M 3 Hour Maintained Emergency
/MZ 3 Hour Maintained DALI Emergency
/D 1-10 V Dimmable Driver
/DALI DALI/DSI Dimmable Driver
/BTC Casambi Dimmable
/WHT White Option
/BLK Black Option
/3K 3000K LED
Option Code Description
/W White (RAL 9016)
/G Grey (RAL 9006)
/B Black (RAL 9005)
H 99mm W 94mm Cutout 70mm

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