project requirements

Mount Lighting was introduced to the projects on the two commercial parks in Oxfordshire at the category A stage.  CPW created the concept design for the units and knew that our London-based design team and our M-Line LED linear lighting range would be the perfect option for creating an entrance area that exceeded expectation while being welcoming to guests, employees, and more.

Our team worked with Mandek, an NICEIC electrical contractor, and supplied long runs of M-Line LED trimless recessed lighting. The M-Line, as always, was highly compatible and complementary with the basic finishings of the interiors.

The entrances and reception areas of commercial properties are perceived as the face of a company and need to solidify a good impression in seconds. The correct commercial lighting design can make all the difference and should be treated as one of the most important ways to create a good atmosphere and boost appearance.

The recessed trimless M-Line linear LED lighting was installed in the ceiling and walls of the entrance area, and the inclusion of LED lighting profiles on the stairwell is a spectacular sight. The continuous, vertical 9-metre M-Line run inset beside the lift lobby adds height and dynamism to the clean, modern space and reemphasises the ability of lighting to transform category A interiors.

The inclusion of M-Line LED lighting in these two commercial units has created a warm, welcoming and professional space that combines functionality with aesthetics.

staircase lighting
led staircase lighting

Project Conclusion

The final result is clean, polished and smooth. All recessed trimless LED lighting is integrated seamlessly with the walls and delivers an impact that is subtly delicate while never failing to stand out.