Project Requirements

As a business space, we knew that we had to supply luminaires that complied with office lighting regulations. We also knew we’d be providing a lighting design that would create a bright, work-friendly atmosphere while impressing all who saw it.

The requirement for bespoke length linear lighting within the reception slat wall was achieved using our standard 50mm x 90mm surface mounted M-Line profile of different lengths. This intriguing design created a totally unique feature that clients and employees would see the moment they entered the space. Within the CAT A floor spaces, we supplied the emergency packs in remote boxes prewired for ease of installation. The lift lobby lighting was achieved using our M-Line recessed linear profile of standard lengths across all floors installed in a zig-zag pattern.

This fresh and modern use of the M-Line luminaires filled the space with warm light while highlighting the clean cut interior full of bright colours.

Products Utilised

M-Line Suspended With direct lighting – RAL 9005 Matt Black M-Line Surface Mounted In bespoke lengths for slat wall feature lighting M-Line Recessed Wall Mounted RAL 9016 Black Emergency Lighting Conversion packs
linear lighting for ceiling and walls
office lighting design


Our luminaries added a new level to the pre-existing fit-out of the office. By working closely with the electrical contractor, we delivered lighting to exact specification to get exactly what the client wanted. Use of the Recessed M-Line range breathed life back into the (sometimes bland) communal lift lobby areas, making every feature impactive no matter how minimal. Wall-mounted and suspended lighting from the M-Line range was also used to create an inviting reception area.

Overall, we enjoyed working on this design and project from the get-go and still hear feedback today about how happy the residents are of this contemporary commercial property. The lighting was supplied within budget, on time and met all design requirements and function.

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