Project Requirements

The Mount Lighting team were contacted for the Cat B fit-out and several singular hexagonal LED pendants in the art gallery and reading room situated within the university. The client wanted an innovative lighting feature added to make a unique and calming reading environment through colour-adjustable lights and acoustic panels within the fittings that could also assist with altering the mood between an art gallery and a reading room.


Our team’s wealth of collective experience led us to suggest the slimline hexagon LED lighting, a popular choice due to its contemporary style, which allows for a decorative and sculptural touch in a room – the ideal addition to an art gallery setting.


Many of the hexagon pendants were integrated into the lighting design above workspaces and seating areas, ensuring the client’s ambient lighting goals were met, but also to implement the proven well-being benefits of modern LED lighting, including stabilising your circadian rhythm and helping to improve your mood.


Casambi wireless lighting controls had already been fitted at other locations at the university, and the client was eager to have the same controls for the hexagon LED lights in the art gallery and reading room. So we supplied a pre-commissioned Casambi switch, providing all users with the opportunity to independently change the settings to suit their requirements of the room.


The Casambi lighting control enables warm colour temperatures through to neutral, cool tones, which can create a false sense of temperature change. Additionally, a series of colour pops have been added for a vibrant effect, from blues to purples and warm orange to magenta glow and every colour in between!  All controlled via the wireless switch or Casambi app.


With the Casambi lighting control and our M-Line LED lighting, the client can change their environment lighting from vibrant to a more neutral and calming tone, enhancing comfort, drama and suitable lighting for all occasions.


Click to view Casambi in action

casambi controlled lighting

Project Conclusion

Our specialists at Mount Lighting provided a suitable design and installation solution by providing the M-Line slimline suspended hexagon lighting with RGBW colour options and Casambi lighting controls. Our solution has helped to fulfil their vision, creating an ambience effect whenever the client and their users need it.


The process has gone above and beyond the client’s expectations, allowing them to put the space to best use with lighting that can suit the room’s various uses.