project requirements

DataSpace are known for providing the most innovative solutions in their field to clients of all sizes, including the NHS, law firms and insurance companies. Their head office in Cheshire is a large industrial unit and the client was looking to illuminate the stairwell and reception with feature lighting as part of a Cat B fit-out. DataSpace contacted Mount Lighting to support them with the project and after evaluating the space, our Manchester team of lighting experts had the perfect solution.


Our team assisted the client with feature lighting specifications and took into account the dimensions of the space and the lux-level requirements. As the lighting was above the staircase, the lighting would become inaccessible once the scaffold was removed post-install so any lighting utilised had to be high-quality, reliable and simple to maintain going forward.


To highlight the feature staircase and provide sufficient luminance to the large room, our team selected our suspended Oreo luminaire. These were supplied in a mixture of sizes and lighting directions with some shining in and some shining out. The control gear of every luminaire was mounted within the recessed ceiling roses to create a sleek and clean aesthetically pleasing finish.

reception lighting
office lighting

Project Conclusion

The client was very pleased with the finished project and now has beautiful staircase feature lighting that will impress all current and future employees and clients. Our goal was to create a lighting feature as innovative and reliable as DataSpace and we are as proud of the results as DataSpace are.