Project Requirements

The client wanted to keep the existing industrial feel of the building and create an ‘all-new’ office that would attract their workforce back to the office. This required us to carefully select and install lighting products that harmonised with the space and the current fittings, utilising the existing installations as much as possible to minimise costs and time.
We provided dimmable fittings and daylight sensors to optimise the lighting levels based on the natural sunlight, saving energy and meeting lighting regulations.


To retain the look and feel that the client desired while adding some flair and functionality to the project, we used RGBW LEDs running on the inside of the main concrete arches of the building, creating a flawless dynamic effect.


Casambi wireless lighting control system was installed, enabling the client to adjust the colour and brightness to their preference, and commissioned training was given to staff. We also added special colour automations within Casambi to highlight event days with a different tone.
We used a combination of our different lighting types to create a comfortable and productive work environment.


The FORCE, a dimmable surface mounted light with a high IP rating and CRI>80, provided general lighting for the tea point and breakout areas within the office, creating a bright and comfortable environment.


MULTI-TRACK, added flexible and adjustable accent track lighting to the walls and artwork, enhancing the visual appeal of the office and meeting rooms.


EPIC, a recessed downlight with a minimalist design, offered ambient lighting for the office, complementing the industrial aesthetic of the building.


Last but certainly not least, the M-LINE. With its sleek linear design, it delivers task lighting for the desks, harmonising with the existing linear lights for optimal productivity.



We successfully tackled all the challenges that emerged during the project and met the client’s expectations and strict deadlines. The implemented lighting redesign resulted in a fresh, modern, and industrial office space that reflected the client’s brand and vision, providing a new and exciting workspace for their staff.