project requirements

The original proposed lighting for the project was on an extended lead time and was coming in over budget which gave our client no option but to look for an alternative solution. They found one in Mount Lighting.


We supplied six different types of luminaire for this inner-city project, starting with a full supply of samples for the client and following it through with a complete lighting design to help turn their new headquarters into a space that inspired. We worked tirelessly alongside the client to find a solution throughout—ranging from emergency lighting with drop-down legends to recessed M-Line wall light to add flair to stairwells.


We used suspended M-Line luminaires to turn conference rooms into bright hubs of collaboration and recessed M-Line for softer lighting in work areas to meet office lighting specifications.

Project Conclusion

After we were approached to offer a Value Engineered scheme based on a previously agreed lighting layout, the scope of the project increased to include stairwell lighting in the form of our M-Line Recessed wall lighting. Bespoke downlights with white reflectors were also created to improve light output aesthetics. The lighting supplied exceeded our client’s expectations.


Most importantly for our client, it was supplied within budget on a tight deadline whilst meeting all design requirements including the integral DALI dimming and emergency pack functions.

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