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Bespoke LED lighting has a lot of benefits from energy savings to improved well-being for your hardworking staff.  No matter the size of the layout, LED lighting can completely transform the appearance of your store or office.


Are you after some great bespoke lighting designs?  We can certainly help you as we did with the client on this project to design and supply LED feature lighting that would enhance this gentleman’s barber shop in Yorkshire.  The project was at the category B stage of its refurbishment, and our team knew that we had to supply an LED lighting feature that would offer exceptional form and reliable functionality.  The light fitting we designed is entirely unique to them, so if you happen to be in Halifax, cut some time to snip in there and see the bespoke curved LED Floe-Line for yourself!


Lighting plays a crucial part in the personal care sector, and high-quality LED lighting helps to create a relaxed, warm atmosphere where customers can feel comfortable.  After all, visiting personal care service is an experience, so any lighting that Mount supplied had to support the good service customers would receive in the hairdressing salon while still offering suitable illumination for tasks.


Our team designed and delivered the beautiful bespoke curvy LED Floe-Line light to the site.  The client had a very specific date he wanted to open on and staying on track was critical to their ongoing business and growing reputation.  Our team will always apply ourselves to a challenge, and we will do all we can to accommodate the requirements of our clients.


The Floe-Line luminaire was installed in the main hairdressing seating area alongside a selection of salon lighting including mirror lights, task lights, track lighting and a bespoke decorative neon sign.  The suspended form of the Floe-Line creates cohesion in the spaces, drawing everything together while still creating length, depth, and dynamic perception. The curves and colours of the Floe-Line meander naturally throughout the room, and the warm light that it casts supports the comforting atmosphere so necessary in the personal care sector.


Floe-Line uses modern LED technology and can be designed with many control options, including dimming, emergency options, wireless switching, and scene-setting Casambi technology. Anything to help clients and building users take control of how their environments are brought to life.


The projection and direction of the light distribution around the salon are also even, for a more flattering coverage for customers and minimal shadows. It’s sleek black casing also complements the rich colours of the chairs and surfaces.


From the beginning, the client knew they wanted a bespoke lighting design that would distinguish their store from others, and we’re confident to say that our beautiful Bespoke Floe-Line LED lighting product really helps set this barbershop apart.  The shop’s lighting even looks amazing on social media where the company posts frequently, helping attract new customers.



Project Conclusion

Getting LED lighting perfect is not easy, but our Manchester team create solutions that make a real difference to interiors.  We make lighting that’s memorable, functional, eco-friendly, and reliable.  Get in touch today!


The client was very happy with the installation and has been extremely busy as a result of the grand opening that happened on time and on schedule. Now when customers go in for a haircut, they’ll be blown away by their new hairdo and the beautiful LED lighting features too.