project requirements

Following the company’s move into a larger industrial and office unit, Obex Protection wanted a space that would inspire employees and encourage best practices while offering the best service output to their valued customers. As part of the Category B fit-out, the Mount Lighting team supplied two Y-shaped M-Line luminaires to the boardroom. For most companies, the boardroom is at the heart of business relationships and making an impression with your lighting can invigorate conferences and build confidence during meetings.

Lighting balance, carefully constructed ambience, and superior placement were all considered in the design of the M-Line product. The client needed the luminaires to be DALI dimmable and to a bespoke size, but the company required it in a short timeframe to get the renovation completed as quickly as possible to the site. All lighting used in the project meets standard CIBSE guidance and will help the Obex team utilise the boardroom to its fullest potential alongside the well-branded, modern interior.

bespoke office lighting
led office lighting

Project Conclusion

The team at Obex Protection was incredibly excited to have a new home to reflect the progress in their journey and it was essential that Mount Lighting supplied lighting that reflected that growth in a bold, bright and inspiring way. Alongside the sleek interior of the boardroom and smooth colours, our team offered a lighting solution that created cohesion throughout the space. The client now has a boardroom that they can continue to grow, develop and innovate from.