project requirements

When the client asked us to light their stunning contemporary boardroom and smaller meeting rooms, we knew that only a custom made luminaire solution would suffice. Not only did we have to create a custom made luminaire that would inspire awe but we needed to deliver these within a 6-week timescale and keep as close as possible to the dimensions originally set out by the interior design company. We advised the client to add dimmable controls to give flexibility of function in the rooms—projector presentations are best in darkness, but you still need light for taking notes!


The client specifically requested 3000K colour light temperature with 1-10v dimming, which we achieved by using a 1-10v Signal conversion module to allow DALI dimming of the Linear LED Drivers. All of this combined gave the client complete control over the adjustment of their lighting to let them work exactly how they wanted. After all, our clients’ success is our success.

Meeting room lighting design


Providing the lighting for an award-winning investment firm meant that expectations were high. There were challenges to overcome as the client wanted a non-standard light colour temperature with 1-10v dimming. As LED Linear Lighting was in its infancy this was more difficult to deliver, but we were able to offer a solution using a 1-10v Signal conversion module to DALI dim. For every lighting project, Mount is always about finding the best solution that impresses and provides stunning results.


This project was even delivered with time to spare as all products were sent directly and securely to the site to ensure completion dates could be achieved.

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