project requirements

Panasonic presides at the highest tier of global product manufacture and distribution. As part of their company vision, the new office in Slough required a complete design service and the Mount Lighting team worked closely with the contractors to provide a lighting design that would guarantee outstanding results for the project.

The office is laid out over a singular floor and lighting was required for the boardrooms, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, and the main office areas. Standard lux levels were supplied throughout with a combination of task, accent and ambient lighting options. Habit Action – who are workspace design specialists – needed to create an interior that would bring the company’s vision to life while supporting the demands of the expanding business and the ever-growing workforce of inflight technology experts. Utilising 7,400 sq ft of space, the interior design and furnishings create cohesion and solidarity between each zone and Mount Lighting supplied luminaires that supported this seamless layout with unique touches and custom designs.

As Panasonic is a company at the cutting-edge of the latest technology, all lighting we supplied had to embody the company’s brand and values. The boardroom recessed lighting needed to have blue LED tape within the troughs and Mount Lighting were pleased to provide this bespoke feature. The result: a standout series of ‘coloured’ M-Line luminaires that will bring dynamism and inspiration to meetings.