project requirements

For this project, we were only given a 6-week timescale to create a bespoke lighting design where we supplied a M-Line Recessed lighting with 4000K lux and a DALI dimmable control system. Given the clean and sleek interior of Baxalta’s building, the lighting finish of the M-Line had to be distinctly white. The interior design specifications also directly influence the dimensions of our lighting but we achieved this successfully.


To make sure the 6-week timescale was met, recessing brackets were supplied prior to the main delivery to enable earlier installation. When it comes to creating lighting solutions, we’re always prepared to think ahead to help our clients get their projects completed exactly the way they need. Our M-Line lighting helped to flood this impressive new Headquarters with bright light to stimulate creativity, meet office regulations and create a positive atmosphere to work.

products utilised

M-Line Recessed System 1600mm DALI Dimmable 4000K
reception area lighting solution
lighting design for office


Recessed linear lighting was already installed in the grand entrance of the building so we were challenged to carry through the same theme to other spaces through the HQ to give a feeling of consistency and unity throughout. We worked hard and embraced challenges to meet all project requirements. We still delivered all products on time and directly to the site so that there was no question whether the job would get done.

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