project requirements

Correctly specified lighting can be the difference between a customer browsing for longer and spending more and a potential buyer walking out empty-handed and unsatisfied.
Lighting encourages consumerism and many large retail giants implement high-activity lighting in their stores to ‘help’ customers make their decisions. After all, lighting has the ability to influence perception and guide people to feel a particular way.
To help a retail unit project reach its maximum potential, the Mount Lighting team carried out lighting calculations and considered the best luminaires for the job. The lighting supplied would need to highlight specific store areas while providing even, comfortable ambient lighting for employee and customer comfort.
The lighting needed to follow the aisle spacings (with as few power feeds as possible), and our team created linear lighting in bespoke shape formations using our M-Line profile that would work cohesively across the single-floor space. A high lux level was required and the lighting Mount supplied was designed to achieve 500 lux at floor level.
The lighting will lift the space to a whole new level and help customers engage with the product offering to support the business.

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Project Conclusion

The client for this project was incredibly pleased with the final appearance and functionality of the luminaires. All lighting that we supplied, including emergency, is compliant with a retail environment and will provide a wealth of benefits for years to come.