project requirements

SailPoint have international offices and development centres all over the world and their 3,670 sq ft office in central London needed to echo the strong brand identity, commitment, and innovation of the company’s brand values. The office is a single-floor space with multiple rooms, including office areas, meeting spaces and breakout sections.

Habit Action, the workplace design agency for the SailPoint office project, are a one of a kind  design and build company that endeavour to create places where people love to work by using data-driven insight to ignite their creativity. We combined this with the endless knowledge of our bright-brained lighting experts and helped to bring their interior design to life with LumaLED downlights and bespoke luminaires.

To complement the aesthetic and design scheme of the office, our team supplied bespoke lighting to meet specific branding colour requirements and specifications so that everything in the office flowed seamlessly from floor to ceiling. By working closely with the contractors and designers linked to this project, we were confident that the lighting Mount supplied would go beyond the expectations of SailPoint and produce increased productivity while making an impact.

office lighting london
office lighting london

Project Conclusion

SailPoint now has another exciting and inspiring office to help support the goals of its global brand. The feature lighting we created for this project will stand out to all visitors and prospective associates while offering suitable lux levels and enhancing the space. All lighting supplied suited the client’s brief and the final appearance is captivating.