project requirements

As a focal point of the space, the reception area had to stand out to provide a strong first impression for those entering the office. To create the best spread of light while remaining compliant with office lighting regulations, the luminaire was required to be suspended over 2m from the ceiling. As for maintaining the aesthetic of the office, the luminaires were supplied in a sleek black finish for a refined, consistent look that complied with the existing design of Regus’ fittings.

Although the size of the luminaires was originally proposed at 950mm, some design calculations meant that sizing needed to be adjusted. In response, Mount Lighting specified luminaires that were the reduced size of 650mm to ensure the reception area would not be overlit.

Products Utilised

Corona 600mm Suspended finished in black with a 4000K lamp temperature.

Project Conclusion

Utilising our suspended lighting product, the Corona, we were able to provide a lighting solution that accentuated the sleek interior design. We met all project requirements, using our knowledge and experience to help deliver the best lighting specifications to compliment the impressive interior through numerous luminaires.

For this project, we had to consider multiple factors, including space specifications and existing office design to ensure our luminaire could blend in while also standing out. We worked closely with the client to make sure all sizing requirements were finally met and delivered the project on time and under budget.

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