project requirements

Carlton Packaging utilises smart processes, products and services to fulfil the needs of its customers and clients all over Europe. Likewise, Mount Lighting utilise intelligent software and innovative lighting technology to ensure that we are always operating at the forefront of the commercial lighting industry.


The Mount Lighting team worked with the project’s Electrical Contractor to ensure the best quality lighting products were specified and supplied. As part of a wider move-in project, our team had to ensure all lighting would be delivered on time and ready to install so other works could continue smoothly and the Carlton Packaging team could move in on time.


The ceiling structure of The Smart Hub posed a unique challenge. The client’s design included bespoke shaped linear LED lighting in the drop-down plasterboard and luminaires very close to the edge of the MF ceiling raft. However, the Mount Lighting team’s experience and technical knowledge from many other category B fit-out projects ensured that the best lighting solution was delivered that met the client’s vision.


The M-Line recessed LED linear profiles add dynamism and impact to the room, enforcing the ‘Smart’ ideology where creativity and innovation are key to driving Carlton Packaging forward. The collective of recessed and suspended M-Line LED linear systems throughout the room at 500 lux offers even coverage. The illuminance from the M-Line linear lighting will help support work practices in the room and reduce risk to health alongside the natural light coming through the office windows.


Following lighting specifications from the client’s design, we worked closely with the Contracts Manager and supplied lighting design drawings and all technical backup to make the installation as smooth as possible. DALI controls were used with the lighting systems to integrate with the building management system.


The final result? A smart and cohesive lighting combination for a Smart room and a constantly growing business.

Products Utilised

Bespoke M-Line Recessed LED System (in a partial square and triangle) M-Line Suspended Linear LED System (in between the two ceiling rafts) DALI Control (integrates with the building management system)
commercial ceiling lighting
commercial lighting design at packaging company

Project Conclusion

Overall, the project came out exactly how the client envisioned it (if not better). The bespoke M-Line LED Linear shape combinations and layers of lighting really emphasise the space and will keep the employees inspired.

Connie Remmington says: “Carlton is delighted with the new facilities! The lighting provided by Mount is great, helping us to create a welcoming and inspired atmosphere. Working with Mount Lighting was a great experience as they understood our mission to ensure the new Imagination Hub helps to create ideas and concepts whilst working with ecommerce retailers to refine the consumer experience, delivering the wow factor every time”