project requirements

“Our ambition is to be the ‘greenest’ university in the UK, with a commitment to being carbon neutral by 2030. In fact, 100% of our electricity has come from renewable sources since 2009.” – University of Reading

The University of Reading is working hard to combat the challenges facing our world and are collectively driven to deliver a better tomorrow for everyone and everything. At Mount Lighting, we are always ready to provide the best solutions to support the demands of clients and support their goals.

LED lighting is highly energy-efficient and making the switch from traditional fluorescent lamps to LED leads to huge savings in carbon emissions. The university required new lighting throughout the Whiteknights Campus and our M-Line luminaires were the perfect solution. We supplied a mixture of suspended, recessed and bespoke surface-mounted models of our M-Line lighting to seamlessly blend to different areas of the university.

As many of the environments were working ones, it was important that the M-Line fixtures not only looked impressive but offered the required lighting output for work areas. In computer suites, the library and reading booths students and staff needed to have optimum lux levels to support their learning comfortably and efficiently – while still making great energy savings to support the university’s ethos.

Overall, the university required architectural and task lighting that integrated not only with their wonderful campus but also supported their ambition to become the greenest university in the UK. Mount Lighting was delighted to help them with their mission.

Products Utilised

M-Line Suspended System Fitted in the library in white along the aisles of bookcases and in between the acoustic panels over the work areas M-Line Recessed System Installed in the computer suites in the wooden slatted ceiling in various lengths in an alternating pattern. The result was aesthetically pleasing but also had optimum lux levels for task areas M-Line Suspended System Utilised in the unique railway carriage work stations either side of the acoustic panels Circ Downlight The slimline Circ downlight was inserted in the acoustic panels above the railway carriage work stations for walkway and task lighting M-Line Suspended System Used either side of the acoustic panels in private reading booths M-Line Recessed System Installed in the wooden slatted ceiling in the library cafe M-Line Bespoke Surface Mounted Squares Installed under the staircases on every level over 5 storeys in the glass stairwell M-Line Bespoke Surface Mounted Rectangle 7140 x 1300mm luminaire that illuminates the entire stairwell from a double-height ceiling on the 5th floor
desk lighting
recessed ceiling lighting

Project Conclusion

The team here at Mount Lighting are cheerleaders for saving energy and improving the efficiency of our lighting products, so we are very proud to have supplied the lighting to this remarkable project. We know how beneficial LED lighting can be for the environment and how many benefits it can offer commercial (and residential) environments looking to improve their ‘green’ image and carbon footprint.