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  • Various radius and linear sized sections to choose from
  • European branded LED drivers
  • Available in 16 different colours
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  • Decorative surface/suspended curved and linear LED luminaire
  • European branded LED drivers
  • Up to 79 Lumens per circuit watt
  • Direct light distribution
  • Extruded aluminium body available in 16 colours
  • Colour matched ceiling rose
  • Various radius and linear sized sections to choose from LED 4000K, CRI >80, 50,000h life
  • Opal polycarbonate diffuser
  • Compatible with eBlue wireless switching system

Typical Applications

General office areas, conference rooms, reception areas, educational facilities, shopping malls, retail units, bars, restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities, and residential properties.

Product CodeDescriptionDimensionsOptic OptionColour TemperatureLumen OutputLED WattageLumen/Watt
Helix P – Eighth/ 45˚ Sections
HLX15PHelix 45˚ Surface/Suspended Section785 x 65 x 85mmOpal4000K11701578
HLX18PHelix 45˚ Surface/Suspended Section938mmOpal4000K14041878
Helix Q – Quarter/ 90˚ Sections
HLX15QHelix 90˚ Surface/Suspended Section743 x 65 x 85mmOpal4000K11701578
HLX17QHelix 90˚ Surface/Suspended Section884 x 65 x 85mmOpal4000K13261778
HLX20QHelix 90˚ Surface/Suspended Section1026 x 65 x 85mmOpal4000K15602078
HLX23QHelix 90˚ Surface/Suspended Section1167 x 65 x 85mmOpal4000K17942378
HLX26QHelix 90˚ Surface/Suspended Section1308mmOpal4000K20282678
Helix H – Quarter/180˚ Sections
HLX31HHelix 180˚ Surface/Suspended Section1050 x 65 x 85mmOpal4000K24183178
HLX37HHelix 180˚ Surface/Suspended Section1250 x 65 x 85mmOpal4000K28863778
HLX43HHelix 180˚ Surface/Suspended Section1450 x 65 x 85mmOpal4000K33544378
HLX50HHelix 180˚ Surface/Suspended Section1650 x 65 x 85mmOpal4000K39005078
HLX56HHelix 180˚ Surface/Suspended Section1850 x 65 x 85mmOpal4000K43685678
Helix L – Linear Sections
HLX15LHelix Linear Surface/Suspended Section790 x 65 x 85mmOpal4000K11701578
HLX21LHelix Linear Surface/Suspended Section1106 x 65 x 85mmOpal4000K16382178
HLX27LHelix Linear Surface/Suspended Section1422 x 65 x 85mmOpal4000K21062778
HLX34LHelix Linear Surface/Suspended Section1738 x 65 x 85mmOpal4000K26523478
HLX40LHelix Linear Surface/Suspended Section2054 x 65 x 85mmOpal4000K31204078


  • Above sections are used to make luminaire to required length and shape.
  • Sections do not include end caps, please add 4mm to complete the shape – end caps to be ordered separately
  • Suspension kits, ceiling roses and current supply cables to be ordered separately


Control Options


Product Code Suffix Description
M3 hour maintained emergency
MZ3 hour maintained DALI emergency
D1 – 10v ballast
DALIDALI/DSI dimmable ballast
3K3000K LED