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    Unlike the M-Line linear options, the Helix uses curves and spirals to attract the eye and fill rooms with direct light distribution. With 45º, 90º, 180º and linear lighting pieces available, the composition of the Helix luminaire is as endless as the light it casts. Whether it’s individual letters for brand significance or a stadium shape for a passionate sports company, the Helix is a high-quality lighting solution that ensures any room has an impact. 

    The versatility of the aluminium body and LED technology used allows for the inclusion of many control options including dimming, emergency options, wireless switching and scene-setting eBlue technology. 

    With over sixteen colours available, ranging from white to jungle to carbon, the Helix can be specified to client standards and operated with total, customisable confidence. 

    Key Features

    • Decorative surface/suspended curved and linear LED luminaire
    • European branded LED drivers
    • Up to 79 Lumens per circuit watt
    • Direct light distribution
    • Extruded aluminium body available in 16 colours
    • Colour matched ceiling rose
    • Various radius and linear sized sections to choose from LED 4000K, CRI >80, 50,000h life
    • Opal polycarbonate diffuser
    • Compatible with eBlue wireless switching system



    The Helix sections are designed to let you create endless shapes of continuous light. Available as ceiling mounted or suspended using single point ceiling suspensions with colour matched ceiling roses.

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    Product Code Description Dimensions Optic Option Colour Temperature Lumen Output LED Wattage Lumen/Watt
    Helix P – Eighth/ 45˚ Sections
    HLX15P Helix 45˚ Surface/Suspended Section 785 x 65 x 85mm Opal 4000K 1170 15 78
    HLX18P Helix 45˚ Surface/Suspended Section 938mm Opal 4000K 1404 18 78
    Helix Q – Quarter/ 90˚ Sections
    HLX15Q Helix 90˚ Surface/Suspended Section 743 x 65 x 85mm Opal 4000K 1170 15 78
    HLX17Q Helix 90˚ Surface/Suspended Section 884 x 65 x 85mm Opal 4000K 1326 17 78
    HLX20Q Helix 90˚ Surface/Suspended Section 1026 x 65 x 85mm Opal 4000K 1560 20 78
    HLX23Q Helix 90˚ Surface/Suspended Section 1167 x 65 x 85mm Opal 4000K 1794 23 78
    HLX26Q Helix 90˚ Surface/Suspended Section 1308mm Opal 4000K 2028 26 78
    Helix H – Quarter/180˚ Sections
    HLX31H Helix 180˚ Surface/Suspended Section 1050 x 65 x 85mm Opal 4000K 2418 31 78
    HLX37H Helix 180˚ Surface/Suspended Section 1250 x 65 x 85mm Opal 4000K 2886 37 78
    HLX43H Helix 180˚ Surface/Suspended Section 1450 x 65 x 85mm Opal 4000K 3354 43 78
    HLX50H Helix 180˚ Surface/Suspended Section 1650 x 65 x 85mm Opal 4000K 3900 50 78
    HLX56H Helix 180˚ Surface/Suspended Section 1850 x 65 x 85mm Opal 4000K 4368 56 78
    Helix L – Linear Sections
    HLX15L Helix Linear Surface/Suspended Section 790 x 65 x 85mm Opal 4000K 1170 15 78
    HLX21L Helix Linear Surface/Suspended Section 1106 x 65 x 85mm Opal 4000K 1638 21 78
    HLX27L Helix Linear Surface/Suspended Section 1422 x 65 x 85mm Opal 4000K 2106 27 78
    HLX34L Helix Linear Surface/Suspended Section 1738 x 65 x 85mm Opal 4000K 2652 34 78
    HLX40L Helix Linear Surface/Suspended Section 2054 x 65 x 85mm Opal 4000K 3120 40 78


    • Above sections are used to make luminaire to required length and shape.
    • Sections do not include end caps, please add 4mm to complete the shape – end caps to be ordered separately
    • Suspension kits, ceiling roses and current supply cables to be ordered separately

    Control Options

    Product Code Suffix Description
    M 3 hour maintained emergency
    MZ 3 hour maintained DALI emergency
    D 1 – 10v ballast
    DALI DALI/DSI dimmable ballast
    3K 3000K LED

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