Lighting for schools is an area that Mount Lighting is well acquainted with.  Alleyn School approached Mount Lighting for assistance with their school lighting, to help devise a lighting design to upgrade the now-banned fluorescent lighting system to environmentally friendly and energy-efficient LED lighting. This project aimed to build an environment that optimised the lighting and prevented harmful glare to aid student productivity and comfort while saving energy. Throughout this project, Mount Lighting worked closely with Alleyn’s School and contractor P J Harte to ensure that the desired result was attained and completed within the summer holiday break and that the lights were suitable for the educational well-being of the students occupying the building.


Students’ comfort was paramount throughout this project, so we collaborated with our client to select the most suitable low-glare lighting from our highly reputed range of LED lighting for schools.  To gain a UGR>19 rating and reap its benefits, we utilised our Blade suspended LED panel lights and partnered them with LEP32LG Low Glare recessed LED panels in corridors and classrooms. Mount Lighting utilises these fixtures to omit low glare levels, reducing any negative impact on building occupants. 


In contrast to the previous harsh, fluorescent lights that can lead to headaches and eyestrain, the lighting systems Mount provided for this are more comfortable and healthy for students, which can improve concentration and productivity, aiding the students with their learning. Appropriately designed lighting, utilising products such as the Blade and the LEP32LG ranges, can create a comfortable atmosphere for the well-being of students and teachers. 


Out-of-school hours, the school is used as an events space and even hosts weddings. We suggested that the client incorporate Casambi wireless lighting controls to allow for customisable lighting scenes and display settings as well as energy-saving settings. We provided real-time energy monitoring, allowing for intelligent energy management. Mount Lighting’s inclusion of the Casambi wireless controls system helps the school enhance the efficiency and lifespan of the luminaires, making this the most sustainable lighting the school has ever had! 


As for the customisation of lighting scenes, our team utilised the M-Line suspended system with RGBW uplighting and downlighting to provide colour-changing lighting. A scene-setting was created to display each school’s house colours for specific school events. 


The prominence of Casambi in this project required operational training for dedicated school staff members, which Mount Lighting provided to ensure that the school had complete control over the customisation of their lighting systems and energy saving. Additionally, the Casambi system allows for remote access, so our team at Mount Lighting can assist off-site, rectifying any system errors or altering the system as needed to suit the client.

Lighting Products Utilised

M-Line Suspended System Black (with RGBW) BLADE Low Glare Suspended LED panels with up/down light Black, including emergency Multi-Track Lighting Black with various joining accessories TRS14 LED Track Spotlights Black Halo Black, including emergency LEP32LG600 Low Glare Recessed LED Panels White, including emergency
Cafe in Alleyn's School with
Exterior of Alleyn's School and Sixth Form

Project Conclusion

The COO, teaching staff and pupils at Alleyn’s School were highly satisfied with the result which Mount Lighting produced. They appreciated the seamless integration, intuitive control, energy efficiency and reliable performance offered by our products combined with the Casambi system, our Casambi commissioning service and our bespoke M-Line linear lighting. The client notes that the responsive customer support further enhanced their overall experience by helping complete the project within the short time window of the summer holidays.