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The 10,779 sq. ft. fourth floor of Camomile Court is a commercial space that most business owners can only dream of, even without the full furnishing fit-out from award-winning office design and build company Oktra.

Mount Lighting was introduced to the project at the early stages of design implementation, and the team worked alongside the electrical contractor RS Response to provide the correct specification of LED lighting products for the space.

Our experience as a collective has reminded us again and again that no two workspaces are the same, and the project at this impressive workspace in London demonstrated this once more. The Oktra team’s design combined clean, modern colours with biophilic elements and uncluttered furnishings across the category A+ ‘plug-and-play’ office space.

Mount supplied a selection of suspended and recessed LED linear M-Line luminaires to meet the consultant’s design outlines, including manufacturing a bespoke 1200 x 300 panel with air handling slots to reduce the cooling load on the air-conditioning system. The luminaires blend in perfectly with the ceiling and help uphold the sleek finish while boosting the functionality of the office.

DALI dimmable and P4 emergency controls were integrated with many of the lighting fixtures. The modular system allows for simple expansion or upgrading of the existing lighting network into new areas if future business owners wish to make adjustments.

Before this project was taken on, the fourth floor and most of the building felt cold and outdated. However, together, RSR, Mount and Oktra have uplifted the space and created an office that will inspire and promote wellbeing.

The combination of long runs of professional, warm lighting and high-spec downlights will ensure consistent, energy-saving illumination all over the office space, from the comfortable breakout zones to the agile work areas.

office led lighting
led office lighting

Project Conclusion

The final result at Camomile Court integrates intelligent vision and standout pieces from floor to ceiling. The quality of the commercial space and the facilities in the building will maximise the potential and the value has greatly increased for many in lots of different ways.

All Mount Lighting products met the consultant’s standards and they were very pleased with the final outcome.