project requirements

Mount Lighting was brought into the project as part of the Category B fit-out at the location and our team provided a full lighting design service and technical drawings to create a breathtaking lighting solution set to impress teachers, students, stakeholders and anyone involved with the society. Due to the specific qualities and usage of the space, we had additional things to consider when creating the design.

When looking to achieve the best outcome for dance studio lighting, LED lighting is the best option. After all, LED offers the best in lumen output to wattages consumed, and this will result in regular utility cost savings. As they are also long-lasting, minimal time and money will be wasted in the long run and the illumination will remain consistent for a long time. Every area of the building had unique demands and layouts and our expert team considered many options and assessed what would be the most visually and functionally beneficial. We reviewed all types of fixtures and designs and provided a complete design while liaising with the site electrical team to ensure everything would go smoothly.

As the project was spread across six floors and had many areas to cover, the society (also an educational charity) needed a lighting solution that would be the most cost-effective over multiple areas and stay within their devoted budget. To meet this need, our team proposed our in house produced T-Line tube light due to its excellent lumen/watt output. All other lighting has standard lux levels to comply with CIBSE regulations.

linear suspended lights

Project Conclusion

To get this project finished to the client’s expectation, our team needed to work within a fixed budget and offer fast delivery times. Products and installations arrived/were carried out exactly when they were supposed to and the outcome is clean, well-lit and exciting!

At Mount Lighting, we value the importance of arts and creativity and our team was proud to be part of such a beautiful design project that will provide important life skills, encourage personal/social growth and improve physical and mental well-being for dancers of all ages. We’re not too confident in our arabesque but we are always sure our lighting performance is the best.