project requirements

A security company in the South-West wanted a new office environment that would help them pursue their goals and provide the best service to their valued clients. Mount Lighting was brought into the project at the CAT B stage of the fit-out and needed to design and supply the lighting alongside the commercial interior design company. The design team at Environments for Business created a three-dimensional model of the proposed space and Mount could revise and advance their design based on the visualisation and comments from the client when the whole concept was proposed.

By working collaboratively with the client and interior design company, we could ensure that all project requirements were met and any potential issues were discussed and resolved before they could develop. It also helped the team guarantee that the results of the lighting design would be exactly to the client’s liking, including featuring Halo luminaires within the scheme upon specific request.

All lighting was designed to standard CIBSE levels and British Standard Emergency Lighting levels and will directly influence productivity, positive employee welfare and performance. The project will be designed and completed in multiple phases; the main focus of the current stage was the ground floor reception and meeting rooms.

Not only will this drive employee performance but as entrance and conference rooms for visitors and clients, it will enhance the impression of the company with professionalism while still having the suitability needed for workplace practices. The LED technology of the luminaires will also help save the company money in the long run without compromising on efficiency and output.

linear suspended lights
lighting in an office

Project Conclusion

The company’s motto is “to always care about getting it right”, and Mount Lighting feel that was exactly what we did with the lighting design and supply for this office project. The employees will now have a comfortable, safe, well-lit office to work in and partner organisations will be ‘wowed’ by the variety, aesthetics, and impact of the luminaires installed cohesively across the ground floor. We look forward to working with the company at future phases to bring the entire layout to life!