Everything You Need to Know About Bespoke Lighting

Bespoke Lighting


The impact of commercial lighting is coequal in the design world to the most avant-garde decor or pioneering ornamentation.


Bespoke lighting design brings the most daring creativity to the forefront. Find out more about it below.



What is bespoke lighting? 

Bespoke lighting is custom-made to the specifications of the client or tailor-designed to fit a determined space. The bespoke design can be created from an idea in the client’s mind or can be recreated in the artistic style of a creative designer.



Why use bespoke lighting? 

From the very depths of your imagination to the final fixing, the limits of bespoke lighting can be as broad as the outlines of your vision.


Using bespoke lighting enables clients to have rooms illuminated exactly how they wish, due in part to the fact that almost every aspect of the light can be configured to adapt to the space.


Bespoke lighting, whether used in a commercial or residential setting, can be utilised to reflect the style of a business while providing appropriate area lighting.


Choosing to feature bespoke lighting as part of your interior design project or fit-out can completely change the feeling of a space, taking designs to new levels.



Bespoke Lighting



The importance of bespoke lighting

Aesthetic Assertion

Conceptualise the first moment that a client enters an establishment. Before their eyes can take in the carefully selected and situated physical features of the room, their eyes settle on the luminaire before them. Their first impression is cemented and it’s a good one.


In recent years, as the desire for bespoke lighting has developed and companies have recognised its influence, trends have emerged in the bespoke lighting market.


The bold raw metal copper and bronze shapes of bespoke industrial lighting caused a revolution several years ago and continue to prosper as a favourable design in bars, restaurants and other hospitality premises with steampunk decor.


Biophilic lighting is literally growing on the bespoke lighting world. Biophilic interior design is no stranger to offices and the desk plant is considered a beloved workplace accessory all over the globe. However, as people grow more keen on going green, this trend has bloomed.


This green-thumbed bespoke lighting transforms working fixtures into living features glowing with verdure.


The lengths and shapes from Mount Lighting’s bespoke M-Line customisations are designed to consider aesthetics at every step. With the custom manufacturing of every part of a light, innovative designs can be used and integrated into a room.


Our bespoke luminaires can be adapted to form customised linear lengths for impressive long runs of endless beautiful light. Our shaped designs, from geometry to lettering, can be used for unique branding features or as a strong eye-opener.



Bespoke Lighting Design



Forthright Functionality

Although getting the perfect look from bespoke lighting is the zenith of luminaire design, a light has a very simple purpose. If the lux levels and Kelvin measures are subpar then even the most contemporary design will fall short.


Lighting should be appropriate for the people that gather there. Office lighting regulations dictate how lighting should improve and support the welfare of employees to ensure hazards are reduced and lighting refractions from screens are not damaging.


Bad lighting is associated with health and safety risks and whether it’s a leisure space, property or office building, bespoke lighting can help prevent these risks.


Bespoke lighting from Mount Lighting incorporates European branded LED components which ensure the longevity of the luminaires. Customisation of luminaires can be designed to ensure light levels and can also be specified for areas where lighting levels are low.


Our LED technology is continuous and long-life to ensure the quality of lighting doesn’t suffer. Corner sections are fully lit to enhance the visual impact that continuous lighting creates. Suspended and wall-mounted systems can be supplied to incorporate direct/indirect lighting options with dual switching available.


We believe in combining aesthetics with stringent guidelines and functionality and will work collaboratively to make sure nothing is overlooked.


When Mount Lighting was contacted by a university with a brief to design a lighting solution for their stairwells, we jumped to the challenge. The dimensions of the lighting were specific and custom lengths were the best solution. The lighting not only had to look good but given that stairwells are considered high-risk areas, the lux levels had to be consistent and bright to provide the best coverage with a clean, refined appearance.



Bespoke Lighting Design



Meritorious Manufacture

Although as an architect or designer you may have the luxury of vision, interior design projects and architectural jobs do not always have the luxury of time. Naturally, the manufacture of bespoke lighting has a longer lead time than pre-made, in-stock luminaires.


Without proper planning and time management, project timescales can cause production to overrun or grind to a halt completely. Not meeting timescales can greatly disrupt the efficiency of a business; whether that’s preventing businesses from moving into their office or hotels suffering from downtime because of ongoing work. It can also damage reputation based on impatient clients.


At Mount Lighting, we understand all of the above are what make timescales so critical. That’s why we work closely with you to make sure we understand exactly what you need and when you need it so we can give you accurate and realistic timeframes.


Our bespoke lighting can be designed to include emergency, DALI emergency, DALI dimming, colour changing and colour temperature control options. Bespoke luminaires are compatible with eBlue smart wireless control units to keep up to date with the latest in lighting tech.


This means that your projects are always at the prow of technology while also ensuring there are efficient safety measures in place with every intelligent luminaire. Multi-faceted bespoke lighting is full of potential from assisting in emergencies to creating ambience to striking awe into audiences.


Bespoke lighting manufacturing is a rewarding task and our team of experienced lighting designers has a passion for bringing our client’s projects to life. Our ability to analyse the project from the design to installation perspective is second to none.


Why choose Mount Lighting for your bespoke lighting?  

Mount Lighting offers lighting with a difference. Our bespoke lighting designs are bold and refined, ideal for any project where a strong impression is valued. We understand the fine balance of aesthetics and functionality and combine them both with high-quality materials to create bespoke luminaires that are as impressive from the first to the last moment.


Do you have a bespoke design that you want to see realised? Get in touch with our experienced and friendly team on 01582 369005 or [email protected] to discuss your needs.



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