Lighting the Way to a Greener Future With Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Sustainable lighting featured in the Mount Lighting offices

In a rapidly evolving world with climate urgencies, tackling sustainability has never been more important. 


At Mount Lighting, we are on a journey to address the sustainability of our products and processes. From product conception to post-installation maintenance, we approach sustainability as a principal concern, with a focal point of the business being initiatives such as carbon offsetting and energy conservation.


This blog contains the approach Mount Lighting is taking to lighting the way to a greener future, including our Lumecycle retrofit lighting service, Casambi wireless lighting controls system, Cradle to Cradle solutions and UK in-house manufacturing (Made in Britain). 


Our Lumecycle Retrofit Lighting Service 

Since September 2023, the government has banned the use of T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes, ensuring electrical and electronic equipment complies with the revised Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. 


While Mount Lighting has always had a lighting retrofit system in place to remove outdated lighting, it is now more crucial than ever for businesses to source alternative lighting solutions.


Our Lumecycle retrofit service involves the removal of conventional fluorescent lamps, ballasts or old LED boards with newer, more efficient technology, providing an LED component upgrade solution, including the future-proof wireless controls from Casambi.


Beyond the legal obligation, our retrofit lighting service can offer a multitude of advantages, from reduced initial costs to improved lighting functionality. Integrating LED lighting into commercial premises boasts an impressive energy consumption decrease of up to 75%. The long lifespan of LED luminaires also assists with minimising the volume of materials discarded in landfills and are easily replaceable, contributing to our continuous commitment to sustainability through sustainable lighting. 


It should also be noted that not all projects necessarily merit retrofitting, as in some cases the cost may be prohibitive. Mount Lighting will always look at each project on a case-by-case basis, and will offer a retrofit lighting solution wherever possible.


We have already assisted a number of companies with our retrofit service, ensuring they are compliant with the revised legislation – check out our recent lighting retrofit project for SPIE – Spring Nature Campus


Sustainable Lights in Springer Nature Luxury Office


Casambi Wireless Lighting Controls System

The Casambi wireless lighting control system is a significant revolution in supporting sustainability. At Mount Lighting, most of our luminaires can have the advanced Casambi system built-in, helping to alleviate lighting load by up to 60% through the daylight harvesting feature. 


The system is adaptable, with various features contributing to creating a fully future-proofed and flexible ecosystem. The system’s functions range from colour alterations to automatic on and off, dimming, tuning, and a selection of other versatile features. It can recognise motion, ensuring lighting is only used when needed. These features combined offer a solution to energy-efficient lighting.


Cradle to Cradle 


The ideal principle of Cradle to Cradle means that a product is designed so that its materials and components can be repurposed or recycled indefinitely.


With TM66 (Technical Memorandum 66) introduced by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) and leading the way, we are reviewing our product ranges with TM66 reporting method in mind and making changes where we can improve the report statuses.


What this means is that our technical lighting design experts are reviewing each luminaire and marking it against the TM66 report requirements. Any new products that we design will focus on the components from the beginning to be made from recycled materials, to be recyclable or repurposed at the end of life. By doing this, we are creating a framework for the production of safe, circular economy products, which helps to ensure our manufacturing process is as near carbon neutral as possible.


Most of our luminaires are modular, with LED boards and diffusers that facility managers and electrical contractors can easily replace without replacing the entire fitting.


UK In-House Manufacturing (Made in Britain)

At Mount Lighting, we are proud to be affiliated with the esteemed Made in Britain community. What this means is that our own brand products are designed and skilfully manufactured in-house in the UK by our team of technical lighting specialists. In addition, we choose not to ship abroad and use  British and European suppliers, making a conscious commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.


During in-house production, the team uses state-of-the-art sustainability-designed technology. This includes integrating Tridonic drivers, renowned for their energy efficiency and holding a bronze Cradle to Cradle certification, an industry first, and the intelligent Casambi wireless lighting control system. 


Sustainable Lighting – More Than Just Solutions With Mount Lighting


Eco-lighting is far from just being left at a domestic level and needs to be specified at the beginning of all new and refit construction projects when designing commercial lighting systems. As leading manufacturers and suppliers of Commercial Lighting, the Mount Lighting product range offers a wide selection of luminaires to choose from, all carefully crafted with sustainability at the forefront while maintaining the highest standard of quality. Notably, our Lens-Line stands out as the epitome of environmentally friendly lighting, generating a significant amount of lumen output relative to the electricity consumed at 195 lumens per Watt whilst being able to contribute to UGR19 standards and what’s more, it’s made in-house here in Britain.



Mount Lens-Line Range Featured in Luxury Space


Could your project benefit from the LUMECYCLE lighting upgrade scheme, or Mount’s advanced energy-saving lighting controls?  Find out today!

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